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Monday, August 31, 2009

Vintage Films in Gatlinburg TN

Gatlinburg TN is known for its originality with events that always seem to make a big impression in the small Smoky Mountain town. On Saturday September 12, 2009 Gatlinburg will be debuting a movie with classic film clips that will take you back in time to a nostalgic era when Gatlinburg, Tennessee was not as popular as it is today.

Gatlinburg is calling this film debut the "Vintage Views". The film clips used in the movie were actually taken from specific family home movies. The 80-minute film premier was produced by the Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound and will start playing at 7:00 PM in the Whaley Room at the Riverside Motor Lodge in downtown Gatlinburg Tennessee.

"Vintage Views" film is packed with edited footage of 16-millimeter film clips from several of the private homes and residents of the Smoky Mountain and Gatlinburg, Tennessee area. The film clips that are used were donated to the Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound by the families. The "Vintage Views" film is a pure celebration of the Great Smoky Mountains from before the national park was established through the first 40 years. The producers of the film, Reeves and Trott, will be there before the film to talk about their experiences as they produced this film.

Be sure to come early before the debut of the "Vintage Views" film because there will be a wine and cheese reception with live bluegrass music in the Skyview Room at 5:00 PM. There will also be a meet a "author session" at this reception. Tickets are $10.00. For more information call (865) 436-0500.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The "View" in Gatlinburg TN

For many people, just hearing the word “Gatlinburg” evokes images of lush forests of towering, majestic mountains. Of course, these images come more easily to mind when they’ve been experienced firsthand at some point or another. If you would like these images to be forever stuck in your mind as well, then it’s necessary that you take in the sights of Gatlinburg for yourself. Here are some prime sights at which to do just that.

First, there is the Gatlinburg Space Needle. This 342-foot high tower features a glass elevator that will take you all the way to the top. Once there, you’ll be exposed to an impressive 360-degree panoramic view of the Smoky Mountains. While the Space Needle also offers many indoor activities, the view from the top is certainly the biggest draw of this location.

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is also a must-see for anyone who desires to absorb the nature of Gatlinburg. The Park contains breathtaking viewpoints and 800 miles of trails that allow visitors to delve into the heart of the region. It also hosts 100 native tree species, more than in the whole of northern Europe. This ensures that experiencing the Park will be a wholly unique experience. The park plays host to

Another way to see the impressive natural beauty of the city is to take a ride on the Gatlinburg Sky Lift, which is hailed as the number one scenic overlook in the city. This slow, relaxing lift will take you above Gatlinburg and give you a gorgeous view of the mountains. This site has become a rite of passage of sorts for anyone seeking to experience the area in a new way.

Lastly, reserving one of our Gatlinburg cabins is a great way to immerse yourself in the beauty of the region. Many cabins are conveniently placed in locations with stunning views of downtown Gatlinburg and Mt Leconte. Don’t deny yourself the chance to get up-close-and-personal with the sites and sounds of the Smoky Mountains!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Celebrate Freedom in Pigeon Forge

In the United States, one of the biggest and most treasured of all values is the freedom we citizens experience on a regular basis. However, this freedom certainly does not come without a price. In order to retain rights to free speech and the like, millions of men and women must risk their lives overseas and on the shores of the nation itself. In light of this fact, the city of Pigeon Forge (a city sometimes known as the “All-American Getaway”) is showing its gratitude in a unique way to those who have fought for the USA by dedicating the whole of the month of August to these soldiers. This event is being called simply “Celebrate Freedom!”

In honor of this annual event and the people it recognizes, many local businesses will be offering discounts to both military veterans and active personnel. Law enforcement, emergency medical personnel, and fire fighters are also eligible for these savings. Brochures concerning these Celebrate Freedom discount packages are available at the Pigeon Forge Welcome Center. The discounts will apply to specified attractions, theaters, lodging, and restaurants throughout the city. All that is required of those who qualify is to possess their military service card.

Visitors of both military and none-military backgrounds are also encouraged to visit Patriot Park on Old Mill Avenue in downtown Pigeon Forge. This park is a firm testament to the dedication of those who serve to protect our country. It features a veteran's memorial to the many brave men and women of Sevier County who have been among the ranks of the US Military. The park, as well as the Celebrate Freedom event itself, are just two of the ways in which the city of Pigeon Forge shows its gratitude to the sacrifices made by these individuals, but they are both definitely two of the most exciting ways! You and your family should certainly are encouraged to join the festivities which help give back to the individuals celebrated by this unique event.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hayrides in Gatlinburg TN

Can you believe it is that time of year again? Start of football, fall foliage, and cool weather. Fall is in the air and do you know what that means? Old Fashion Hay Rides will be starting up again soon! Take a ride down Parkway in Gatlinburg Tennessee and take in all the scenery in a different way. Riding through in your car isn't as fun as riding the hay wagon. This is one seasonal attraction that will have the kids very excited.

The rides leave every 45 minutes starting at traffic light #6 at Mountain Mall. If you miss one wagon ride, don't worry! There will be another. Time of operation is between 5pm-9pm. You'll have the opportunity to hop on the wagon Sundays - Thursdays. A portion of the proceeds will go to United Way of Sevier County. Take a scenic ride through Gatlinburg TN taking in the mountain air and also help out the United Way of Sevier County.

Don't forget about the leaves changing colors in the fall! Can you imagine how beautiful the oranges, golds, red and yellows will be? If you choose to take a ride on the Old Fashion Hay Ride you'll be able to tell all your friends the unique way you were able to take in the Smoky Mountain Scenery.

For more information on the Old Fashion Hay Rides call 865-436-0535. Rides will be $4 per person (that's a steal!). Don't forget to call and check on our Gatlinburg cabins to ensure that you will have a place to stay after your hayride through town. Call today and make your reservation today...fall foliage is just around the corner.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Activities For Guys in Gatlinburg TN

So, ladies, you and your partner have made plans to reserve one of the many Gatlinburg cabins in Gatlinburg TN near the Smoky Mountains. You’ve undoubtedly heard about what a unique and exciting place Gatlinburg can be, right? But, through all of this, you may still be wondering how to treat your partner to something special. Everyone knows that surprises make things that much more special, but what kind of sites and events does Gatlinburg hold that you can be sure will interest him? Well, here are a few tips for locations and events you can use to make your romantic getaway one that any guy would be sure to enjoy.

Gatlinburg Sportsman Club - Perfect for the outdoor lover in your family. Visitors will have the option to shoot skeet, targets, and pistols. Fishing is also available for individual people who want to fish.

Golf - This is an easy one for men and woman alike. Although you might not be able to attend with him, he is sure to love a round of golf on his Gatlinburg vacation. Plus, you will be able to take a few moments to yourself and maybe visit a spa or something.

Hollywood Star Cars Museum - This museum hosts 40 cars that have been immortalized in film, on TV, or by the people who own them. Notable examples include The General Lee from The Dukes Of Hazzard, the Jalopy from The Beverly Hillbillies, Elvis’ Lincoln, and more.

Rafting In The Smokies - If your man is the adventurous type, then this whitewater excursion will surely be right up his alley. The guides that accompany you on these trips are pure professional, so if your partner attempts to branch out on his own they’ll be able to reel him back in.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum - The museum that started the hit TV show is sure to be an equally big hit for any man! This is thanks in part to all the weird and exciting exhibits that are presented within this, the world’s most unusual museum.

Smoky Mountain Brewery And Restaurant - The perfect spot for both you and your partner to relax and enjoy an authentic taste of Gatlinburg. The freshly-brewed beer is excellent, and if your man enjoys wings, pretzels, or a good burger or steak, then he’ll feel right at home here.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Taste of Autumn 2009

The dog days are in full swing as temperature highs reach to the mid 90's. It never fails about this time of the year--all individuals start looking forward to fall and the cool brisk air of Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains. With this state of mind, start thinking about your autumn vacation in Gatlinburg TN.

The beauty of the autumn season in the Smokies is a compliment to the culture of the region. The sights of the lush forests and greenery of the area changing into a wide variety of gorgeous colors and hues seems to bring out the best in everyone, tourist and resident alike. The people of the Smoky Mountains seem to literally become possessed by the fall season, and this becomes apparent in all the activities and events held by these individuals. One occasion where this fact is especially apparent is the Gatlinburg Taste of Autumn fundraising event, being held at Gatlinburg Convention Center on Thursday, September 24th.

The spirit of autumn and the culinary skills of the chefs and individuals from approximately twenty area restaurants businesses and restaurants come together to form this beneficial and delicious affair! To gain access, all that is required of visitors is to come ready with a $25 donation for the United Way of Sevier County and, of course, an empty stomach! 100% of the proceeds brought in by this event will be going to support this charitable organization, which provides funding for local area non-profit and human service agencies. This means that visitors can have both their consciences and their stomachs satisfied, as this donation gives you access to an all-you-can-eat tour of the various dishes that are made available during the course of the evening. Area restaurants that have prepared food for this event in the past include the Smoky Mountain Brewery, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Cherokee Grill, Smoky’s Pub and Grill, Calhoun’s Restaurant, and many more.

Aside from the fine dining you’re sure to experience, this event also features live music, door prizes, and a benefit auction. With so much to involve yourself in, you must not miss this celebration of autumn in the Smokies, featuring good food for a good cause and much more!

One sure fire way to experience the beauty of autumn this fall is to reserve on of our Gatlinburg cabins. Sure, downtown Gatlinburg has plenty to offer its travelers during Taste Of Autumn, but to truly experience the Smoky Mountains you need to be tucked away in seclusion in one of our cabin rentals. Start planning your vacation because autumn is a very busy time for the Smoky Mountain area.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Hike in The Fall

One of Gatlinburg's major draws is its large number of hiking and backpacking trails. There are a wide variety of paths that vary in their level of challenge, making this an activity that both new and experienced hikers can enjoy when visiting the area. However, no matter what trail you decide to set foot on, you should never set forth unprepared, as prior planning is necessary in order to get the most out of your hiking experience. So what then are the essentials to bring on any good hiking trip in Gatlinburg TN?

Considering the higher elevations of the Smoky Mountains region, dressing in layers is important in order to prepare for the weather. However, you don’t want to weigh yourself down with too many clothes, so maybe just limit your layers to a lightweight jacket or coat with a hood. Scarves and gloves can also help guard against any chilly winds you may face. Sunscreen is also important, seeing as how many of the mountain trails put you in close exposure to the sun.

As far as what to bring in your backpack, a first aid kit is absolutely essential. If you don’t feel like going out and buying a pre-made one, you can always just pack the necessities – band-aids, antibacterial soap, bug repellant, etc. A pocket knife is also not a bad idea, as it provides many tools that are appropriate for a wide variety of situations. Also, don’t forget to pack snacks and water. Hydration in particular is very important, so you’ll want a water bottle that can fit nicely into your backpack. As far as the food goes, lightweight snacks such as raisins or granola are typically the way to go.

Even with all these precautions taken into account, don’t forget the most important aspect of hiking – namely, that it is supposed to be fun! Bring along your camera to capture images of the breathtaking views of the Smoky Mountains, as well as the animal and plant life. Journaling can also be a good way to set down the memories of your hiking trip. Use these tips to help make your excursion into nature safe, exciting, and memorable!

Of all seasons in Gatlinburg, Fall seems to be the best time to go on a hiking trip. Fall foliage is defiantly something you need to see. It is one of the busiest month so plan earlier in reserving on of our Gatlinburg cabins.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Documentary Preview in Gatlinburg

One of the Gatlinburgs’ biggest draws is the beauty of the nature that surrounds the area. This majesty is captured in all its glory within one of the area’s main attractions – the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. With the connection the Smokies possess to the concept of the National Park, it is obvious that they should have a hand in celebrating these Parks as a staple of the American landscape. In 2009, this celebration has taken the form of a special documentary showcasing the glory of America’s National Parks that is being previewed right in the heart of Gatlinburg TN!

The documentary is entitled The National Parks: America’s Best Idea and is directed by famous documentarian Ken Burns. It is done in the style of a six-part mini-series, with each segment lasting two hours a piece, and will showcase the United States National Park system, as well as its history. While the documentary isn’t set to debut on PBS until Sunday, September 27, you can see what all the hype is about by taking in the preview of this highly anticipated piece during your 2009 trip to the Smoky Mountains. The preview lasts around 26 minutes and is a sneak peek at the beginning segments of the first episode of the mini-series. It is being held in the lobby of the Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies until September 26, and is shown during normal operating hours.

Ken Burns is a widely acknowledged director and producer, having won seven Emmys and been nominated for two Academy Awards. His previous works include famous documentaries like The Civil War, Jazz, and The Statue of Liberty. His work with The National Parks has lasted over the course of six years, and now he is ready to show the fruits of his labor to the public, including Gatlinburg visitors! So join the other visitors and residents of the are that are flocking to this must-see event, and learn just why National Parks such as the Great Smoky are such important pieces of America.