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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter at Ober Gatlinburg

The Easter holiday is a popular holiday for families and friends to get together and celebrate one of the most celebrated holidays. For many people Easter is a time for getting together and hunting Easter eggs or sharing Easter bunny stories but for some people Easter means more. For these people, Easter is a time for celebrating faith, hope and love. For the past nine years there has been an Easter Sunrise Service at Ober Gatlinburg ski resort. The annual Easter Sunrise Service will show you how truly blessed you are with the beauty of the Smoky Mountains surrounding you. The Easter Sunrise Service at Ober Gatlinburg will offer the community and its visitors a chance to worship together. This highly favored mountain top service will feature local pastors from the Gatlinburg Ministerial Association. The Easter Sunrise Service will begin at 7:00 am and continue for about thirty or forty minutes. The staff at Ober Gatlinburg is hosting the Easter Sunrise Service and will be providing free tram rides up the mountain. These tram rides will begin at 6:15 am and continue for fifteen minutes, until the service begins. If you prefer to drive up the mountain to Ober Gatlinburg then free parking will be available for you. The Ober Gatlinburg staff will be serving a breakfast buffet in the Ober Gatlinburg restaurant from 7:30 am to 10:30 am. This Easter Sunrise Service breakfast buffet will have many favorite breakfast foods including: omelets, French toast, pancakes, bacon, hash browns, biscuit, eggs, various types of cereals, and many choices of muffins. The breakfast buffet is available for a small fee of $6.95 for adults and $3.95 for all children ten and under. Make plans to visit Gatlinburg, Tennessee for the Easter Sunrise Service at Ober Gatlinburg ski resort on Sunday, March 23. This special service will touch your heart in a very special way.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rod Run in Pigeon Forge Tennessee

Spring in Pigeon Forge TN means blooming flowers, warmer weather, enjoying outdoor activities and the annual Spring Grand Rod Run. The Spring Grand Rod Run, in Pigeon Forge TN, gets a head start with a new season of cars. The Spring Grand Rod Run kicks off on April 17-20 at the Grand Resort Hotel and Convention Center located on the Parkway in downtown Pigeon Forge. Thousands of participants and visitors make the trip to Pigeon Forge Tennessee for this annual event that will feature hundreds of classic cars, trucks and motorcycles. Over the years, Pigeon Forge has become a popular town for rod runs to take place. Vendors from all over the United States will bring their classic, and sometimes award winning cars and trucks, to downtown Pigeon Forge for a weekend long classic car show. Participants start driving into downtown and filling up the Parkway and hotel parking lots as early as Tuesday before the Spring Grand Rod Run starts. Although the Spring Grand Rod Run sounds like just another car show, it is far from it. This classic car show will not only feature favorite classic cars and trucks from yesterday but visitors can and are welcomed to enjoy interactive displays, participate in workshops and get answers for any technical questions that may arise. The Spring Grand Rod Run is the official start of many other favorite cars shows throughout the spring and summer that will take place in downtown Pigeon Forge Tennessee. At the Spring Grand Rod Run you can enjoy looking at beautiful, classic cars and trucks and take in the wonderful sound of engines rumbling on the Parkway. With beautiful, warm weather, friendly people, and award winning classic cars and trucks what more could you want? Come join us in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for the annual Spring Grand Rod Run where there’s surely something for everyone.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Gatliburg Getting Ready For Spring

Just like every year before in Gatlinburg Tennessee, Spring is in the air and Gatlinburg is about to shake off the frost from winter. Flowers are blooming and temperatures are rising (Thank Goodness). As always Gatlinburg has plenty of events going on for this season. The Arts and Crafts Community is putting on it’s annual Easter Show during the third weekend in March. During this event several handcrafted souvenirs will be on display and available for sale. The Ribfest and Wings event will be held on April 17. You’ll be able to taste all the ribs and wings that the finest restaurants have to offer and plenty of entertainment for one low admission price. Don’t forget about the Wildflower Pilgrimage that’s going on during April. There will be demonstrations, lectures and hikes to see all the flowers, plants, scenery and animals that can be found at the Smoky Mountain National Park.
Aside from those events, Gatlinburg is holding it’s 6th Annual Springfest. Springfest is a 3 month long event that highlights the Spring with colorful flowers along the Parkway. During spring, trees will be budding, great warm weather, shows, entertainment and plenty of others things to do to keep you and your family entertained while on your Gatlinburg vacation. There will be pansies, tulips, Mandeville’s, petunias, sunflowers, lilies, and so many more flowers to set your sights upon while walking the strip. Not only will Gatlinburg be pleasing to see with all the flowers but performers will entertain you on your walk through the Parkway. You couldn’t pick a more perfect time to visit Gatlinburg than during the Springtime or during Springfest.
Since the weather is warmer this time of year more activities are available to you and your vacationing companions. You’ll be able to hike, sightsee, ride bikes, walk, white water raft, fish, or even get married! You can get some use out of those pools that come with some of our Gatlinburg cabins with pool access. Keep in mind that Gatlinburg is a short drive to the Smoky Mountain National Park. Take a drive that way and make a day long trip.
Gatlinburg is alive in the spring time with most people being on Spring Break throughout March and April. Go to the theme parks, Ripley’s attractions, dine, shop, make all day excursions out in the city. Since the weather is dramatically warmer during the day than during the winter months you can do several more outdoor attractions without the bulky jacket. The temperature does get a little cooler at nights but nothing a light jacket couldn’t help you with. Call Cabins For You today to rent one of our Gatlinburg cabins during the spring months!
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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Your Vacation Days

Are you, like thousands of other Americans, in desperate need of a vacation? Actually, roughyl half of the working population in the United States does not use up all of their vacation time. On average, roughly 8 days of vacation time was given up. Planning vacations for the year at the start of the year seem to help people take their vacation days instead of letting them go to waste. Most people live in towns that are just a short drive away from a large tourist towns so why are they not taking these short trips?
We think most Americans will plan major trips to places they will have to fly to. The cost of buying a plane ticket to and from a destination, renting a place to stay, paying for your mode of transportation, food, attractions, souvenirs, etc. will all add up. Most of the time these vacations cost people at least a thousand dollars. The average annual cost spent on vacations in America is roughly $6500. That’s a lot of money! No wonder people are choosing to work instead of taking the additional vacation days offered. They have to make up for the cost of their pricey vacations.
Did you realize that Gatlinburg TN is within driving distance of 2/3 of America? The average cost to rent one of our Gatlinburg cabins for a weekend is roughly $500! Gas, rent, and money for all the extra things to do will average roughyl $850. Those 8 vacation days that are generally wasted could turn into 4 weekends of fun, stress free times with your family or friends. Combined, those weekends wouldn’t even cost you the price of the more extravagant vacation!
Plan your vacations at the beginning of the year that way you’ll have an adequate amount of time to ask off and be approved for the needed dates. This will allow you to save more money for your vacation and make sure you are covered at your job. If you’re given vacation days take them, all of them. If you can, take a full week. A week in Gatlinburg TN would cost you on average roughly $1600. That’s with rent and all the other things we listed above.
All work and no play… doesn’t sound like fun to me. Not only is it not fun, it‘s also not good for your health. Vacations are proven to be good for your health. That’s just another reason to take a vacation. Why not make it Gatlinburg TN?

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Summer Tips for Gatlinburg

Planning a vacation for this summer? No need to spend an obscene amount of money. Just plan a trip to Gatlinburg Tennessee. Did you know that two thirds of the United States is driving distance from Gatlinburg TN. It’s true. We know gas prices are high with the threat of them getting higher, so we have listed some tips on saving money but having a blast on your summer vacation to Gatlinburg, TN.
  • Filling up the gas tank on an average size car would be between $50-$60.
  • Go with a group of people to cut down on the cost of renting a Gatlinburg cabin per person and split the cost of gas.
  • Try to stay at a cabin that has things to do inside the cabin such as board games, pool tables, foosball tables, air hockey tables, movie rooms, etc.
  • Most of the time if you stay in a cabin that is located in a resort you will have access to a pool. Spend the days by the pool and nights in your hot tub.
  • If you rent a cabin that is walking distance to downtown Gatlinburg TN then leave the car at the cabin and walk. Save money on gas and parking. Not to mention walking is good exercise.
  • Did you know it only cost a quarter to ride the Gatlinburg trolley? If your cabin is near a trolley stop walk to the stop and then ride the trolley.
So far we’ve discussed ways to save money on gas and parking. Don’t think everything in Gatlinburg is expensive. There are several Gatlinburg attractions and restaurants that won’t leave you bankrupt. For instance, at Fannie Farkles you can eat and play. They have become famous for their foot long corn dogs. That’s a big corn dog! They also have shaved ice, sausage subs, drinks and more mouthwatering food and drinks at a good price. As far as amusement goes they have “old school” and “new school” games. Play Pac Man, Centipede, Tic Tac Toe, Skee Ball, Crane Game, and many more. They also have Internet hookup. You’ll only plan on being there for an hour but you’ll loose track of time here. Gatlinburg offers many places like this. Don’t forget about the Mini Golf areas. Healthy competition never hurt anyone.

Aside from those activities, Gatlinburg does have several things you could do for free! Summer brings in warmer weather and more outdoor activities for you on your summer vacation to Gatlinburg. Grab your friends, your camera, comfy clothes and go for a hike, nature walk, fly fishing, or ride your bike through the mountains (if you think to bring it). Have a cookout at your cabin and spend some time laughing and making memories. You and your traveling companions can even make up your own game. Make up a picture scavenger hunt and split into groups to see who can get all the pictures first.

Do keep in mind that Cabins For You offers many budget cabins. We also offer specials on some of our Gatlinburg cabins and Pigeon Forge cabins. Waiting until closer to the time that you are wanting to go on your summer vacation to Gatlinburg TN could benefit you and help you save even more. Sometimes specials as much as 50% off a cabin are available.