Rod Run in Pigeon Forge Tennessee

Fall in Pigeon Forge TN means blooming flowers, warmer weather, enjoying outdoor activities and the annual Spring Grand Rod Run. The Spring Grand Rod Run, in Pigeon Forge TN, gets a head start with a new season of cars. The Spring Grand Rod Run kicks off on April 17-20 at the Grand Resort Hotel and Convention Center located on the Parkway in downtown Pigeon Forge. Thousands of participants and visitors make the trip to Pigeon Forge Tennessee for this annual event that will feature hundreds of classic cars, trucks and motorcycles. Over the years, Pigeon Forge has become a popular town for rod runs to take place. Vendors from all over the United States will bring their classic, and sometimes award winning cars and trucks, to downtown Pigeon Forge for a weekend long classic car show. Participants start driving into downtown and filling up the Parkway and hotel parking lots as early as Tuesday before the Spring Grand Rod Run starts. Although the Spring Grand Rod Run sounds like just another car show, it is far from it. This classic car show will not only feature favorite classic cars and trucks from yesterday but visitors can and are welcomed to enjoy interactive displays, participate in workshops and get answers for any technical questions that may arise. The Spring Grand Rod Run is the official start of many other favorite cars shows throughout the spring and summer that will take place in downtown Pigeon Forge Tennessee. At the Spring Grand Rod Run you can enjoy looking at beautiful, classic cars and trucks and take in the wonderful sound of engines rumbling on the Parkway. With beautiful, warm weather, friendly people, and award winning classic cars and trucks what more could you want? Come join us in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for the annual Spring Grand Rod Run where there’s surely something for everyone.