Gatlinburg TN Area Information

Monday, October 31, 2005

Cooter’s Place Museum in Gatlinburg TN

Remember The Dukes of Hazzard from Hazzard County on television? I sure do! If you were ever one to sit in front of the television for hours watching each new show then you definitely need to come to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for something you will never forget. Even if you weren’t old enough to watch the new show each week (myself included), you will appreciate the museum solely dedicated to the memories of The Dukes of Hazzard. Refresh yourself with a little Dukes by watching their re-runs on TV now. They also have a new movie coming out with Johnny Knoxville, Sean William Scott, and Jessica Simpson.

If you can’t get enough Dukes on CMT every night, then stop by Cooter’s Place Museum in Gatlinburg, TN. You will not be disappointed! Stocked with various memorabilia from the highly-acclaimed television show, Cooter’s Place is a sight to behold in the eyes of a Dukes’ lover. Appreciate the many pictures and videos that Cooter’s Place has displayed on the walls (they are literally covered). Purchase a t-shirt to bring home to another Dukes’ lover. There are even cars from the original television series! Come visit Gatlinburg and Cooter’s Place Museum if you can’t get enough Dukes of Hazzard.

Brush up on your Dukes by visiting the hot spot in Gatlinburg. If you have any further questions about Cooter’s Place Museum, visit their website. There are many pictures of the memorabilia lining the walls, and you can even purchase DVD’s from the first three seasons of the Dukes.

Bring your newly-purchased t-shirts and Dukes of Hazzard memorabilia to a Cabins For You cabin. Our genuine log cabins and old-fashioned cozy interior have everything to make your trip to Gatlinburg an unforgettable one. Reminisce the old times in the best cabin rental in Gatlinburg after visiting Cooter’s Museum. Call now to reserve one of our wonderful cabin rentals in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge. Remember to watch the Dukes on CMT and go to the movies when the movie comes out! You will love Cooter’s Place Museum and a cabin from Cabins For You!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Find Adventure at the Smoky Mountain Speed Park

Are you a thrill seeker? Do you look for adventure at every turn? Well, the Smoky Mountain Speed Park has something just for you! There’s a reason why “speed” is in the name. Bungee jumping, go karts, trampolines, and extreme rides await you at the most exhilarating park in Gatlinburg. If you’ve ever been one to sky dive or even like to fly your own planes, come try out what the Smoky Mountain Speed Park has to offer.

If you are feeling the need for a little speed this is the best stop along the parkway. Take a Bungee Plunge from 70' (the highest jump allowed in Pigeon Forge), slingshot yourself into the Smoky Mountain sky at the Ejection Seat. Saddle up partner and see if you have what it takes to ride Sampson the Bull, Speed Park’s newest attraction. Fly around the hairpin turns on two super fast go kart tracks, including one slick track! Come propel yourself at speeds of over 60 m.p.h. while looping 360 degrees. The ride stops once giving you a spectacular view of the Pigeon Forge Parkway. There is everything for people of all ages. Try the rides, the climbing wall, the bungee trampoline, a gyro, and many more attractions to keep your day busy!

The Smoky Mountain Speed Park is located on the Pigeon Forge Parkway between traffic lights #6 & #7. Height, weight, or age restrictions may apply. Plenty of seating is available for those who wish to simply watch.

Right down the street from the Smoky Mountain Speed Park is a cabin rental just waiting for you and your family! Your dream trip has finally arrived! Spend a day at the extremely fun Speed Park, then head on over to your cabin rental in Gatlinburg. We have everything to please your entire family, so call us today to reserve a cabin in Gatlinburg! We have a cabin just for you!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Gatlinburg TN and Fort Fun

Fort Fun is family entertainment at its best! Come play Laser Tag in a 2,700 square foot arena complete with pumping music and cool lights, watch a 3-D Movie Theater in the Smokies that shows realistic, special effect movies, and play in delightful futuristic circular bumper cars that are fun for the whole family. It’s Disney World right in Gatlinburg, Tennessee! Come see why Gatlinburg brings in thousands of diverse visitors every year. Located in the center of Gatlinburg, visit the fun center so close to many of our Gatlinburg cabin rentals.

Buy three activities at Fort Fun and the next day is free. Fort Fun has vending machines when you’re hungry, numerous attractions for the whole family, group discounts, and are even open till midnight. The admission price for one activity is $8.95, two activities is $10.95, and three activities is $12.95. Remember, if you buy three the next day is completely free! What a deal!

Pump up the fun with fun-filled laser tag. You can play four different games of laser tag, and any of the interactive games are sure to please your friends and family. Ride the Astro Canyon Simulation Coaster and travel to a far-away planet. Strap on your glasses for a 3-D experience of a lifetime. Whatever you do at Fort Fun, you will have a blast!

After your day of play at Fort Fun in downtown Gatlinburg, head on over to a Cabins For You cabin to enjoy the beautiful Smoky Mountains, a hot tub, and a genuine log cabin with everything you would ever expect from the best cabin rental in Gatlinburg, TN! Start to plan your trip to the best tourist destination of the southeast. Call Cabins For You today to choose a cabin to your liking, and remember to check out Fort Fun while in Gatlinburg. There’s nothing better than spending a weekend with your family in Gatlinburg and Fort Fun then traveling down the street to a genuine log cabin. Come visit the Smokies!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Eat an Ogle Dog at Fannie Farkles!

Located in downtown Gatlinburg TN near many Gatlinburg cabins, Fannie Farkles is a very unique concept of food and entertainment. Fannie Farkles has grown into a fun place to visit for people of all ages. Affordable food and amusements await you from 8:00 a.m. until the night time everyday of the year. They are famous for their homemade, foot-long corn dogs. Imagine that: a foot-long corn dog! They even have their own name: Ogle Dogs. They offer delicious Hawaiian Shaved Ice in over 12 flavors, cotton candy packaged in Fannie Farkle’s Bags, and their famous sausage subs made with smoked sausage and served with sautéed peppers and onion. If you aren’t hungry now, I don’t know what will make your stomach growl!

Their amusement center is full of all sorts of games for all age groups. Play Pac-Man, Centipede, Skee Ball, and many other well-known games. They even offer internet access to play games or check your e-mail. There is also an ATM on premises. Why not stop by and visit Fannie Farkles at 656 Parkway in downtown Gatlinburg and see for yourself. They have many video games to play, and remember to visit the gift shop to buy something for a friend.

It’s not just a restaurant, but rather a fun center for people of all ages. Come see why everyone returns to have another Ogle Dog, but remember to come with an appetite because they are truly a foot long!

Line a few Ogle Dogs back to back and you have the distance from Fannie Farkles to a Cabins For You cabin. Get away from the typical mundane hotel and experience what the Great Smoky Mountains have to offer in a Gatlinburg cabin rental from Cabins For You. Each one of our cabin rentals were built in a specific location to truly encompass the view of the Smokies. We have a cabin for everyone, ranging in sleeping size from 1-46 people! Bring your partner or even your entire extended family. Whatever you do, stop by Fannie Farkles and stay the night at a one of our cabins in Gatlinburg TN!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Hauntings: A Live Ghost Show in Gatlinburg TN

The only truly scary theatre show in the area, Hauntings unique theatre features a live, sit down theatre production that features creepy lights and objects moving about mysteriously. Enter a world beyond your imagination, where ghostly figures appear from nowhere and eerie lights flicker at random, unexplained times. Be part of the ultimate experience in horror! If you have went to a haunted house during Halloween and ever thought how cheesy and boring it was, you are in luck. Hauntings: A Live Ghost Show has just what you need in terms of being scared out of your wits!

One of the world's most mysterious haunted attractions lies in Gatlinburg TN. Visiting many ghostly sites, artifacts have been collected here that have brought forth very strange and bizarre manifestations! Experience awesome action as ghostly figures come to life in this spectacular and mysterious adventure. Come and make contact with the world from beyond the grave!

Located at 716 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN 37738, Hauntings is something to behold. So, come check it out on your next visit to Gatlinburg. If you have any questions, call (865) 436-4636. Admission is $6.99 for adults 12 years or older and $4.99 for children 11 and younger.

Come see why people run out of Hauntings, and the stories have been so realistic that people even have nightmares from them! You definitely need a serene and calm place to stay after your thrilling stop at Hauntings. Call Cabins For You to reserve your night’s stay at one of our cabin rentals in Gatlinburg TN. Call in advance to be sure you get the Gatlinburg cabin you want. It’s a great experience staying in a genuine, old-fashioned log cabin. Once you pull into the driveway of your cabin sunken into the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains you will know you have made the right decision! We have everything to make your trip to Gatlinburg TN a satisfying one! Plan your trip today and always remember to stay at a Gatlinburg cabin from us!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Visit Ober Gatlinburg and a Cabin Rental in Gatlinburg

During your visit to a cabin rental in Gatlinburg, visit Ober Gatlinburg and visit the arcade and redemption center in between all of the other attractions that Ober Gatlinburg has to offer. Explore the latest in indoor amusements, skill games, and your favorite interactive high resolution screen games for all ages and abilities. Try the Caribbean Water Race, Virtua Racing, Mortal Combat or relive your youth with nostalgic favorites such as Balloon Darts and Ball Toss. Redeem your tickets for toys, gifts, and more! Ober Gatlinburg has many things to offer tourists in the area. Also, Ober Gatlinburg is a very popular destination for skiers in the southeast. Check out the night skiing as well.

From the aerial tramway, skiing, night skiing, ice skating, and numerous other activities that Ober Gatlinburg offers, try the arcade and water racing between your different attractions. Take a load off while the kids expend their energy tapping away on the various arcade machines. Reminisce old times and play on the Skee Ball machines yourself.

Can you hit the bulls-eye when you take target practice? Now, how well can you perform under pressure shooting your water gun? Remember, the more you hit the bulls-eye, the closer you get to winning the race. Located right near the ice skating rink and the arcade, come play the water race game!

With all the many activities to offer, don’t spend too much money at Ober Gatlinburg unless you have already reserved your cabin rental in Gatlinburg from Cabins For You. For an inexpensive price for a night’s stay at the best cabin rental in Gatlinburg, Cabins For You will give you long-lasting memories of the Great Smoky Mountains, a genuine log cabin, and a weekend of glorious fun! Play some Pac Man, Skee Ball, or even travel up the Aerial Tramway at Ober Gatlinburg. Whatever you do, come back to your cabin rental in Gatlinburg TN and rest the night away. Call today to reserve your commodious and great log cabin!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Gatlinburg Trolley and Staying in a Cabin in Gatlinburg!

Get out of the traffic and head on over to the Gatlinburg Trolley System. There’s nothing better than hopping on a trolley in a glorious day in Gatlinburg, Tennessee! Leave the driving worries behind and let the driver navigate your trip in the greatest city in America. The color coded trolleys make frequent stops on regular routes throughout and between Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. You can board the trolley in more than 100 locations in Gatlinburg TN. There are signs lining the streets, and if you see one you’re only minutes away from being picked up! Dont just view the mountains from your cabin in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge, but view the Smoky Mountains from high in the air on the Gatlinburg Trolley.

The Gatlinburg trolleys are color coded by route. Look for the signs posted on the front and sides of each trolley to ensure you are on the correct route. The most expensive route is only $2.00 dollars and travels from the Gatlinburg Mass Transit Center to Laurel Falls and back, with stops in between. Don’t worry about traffic or the price of gas this time of year—hop on the trolley system and cast all your cares away.

Other routes include the Uptown Loop (a whole 25 cents), which also begins at the Gatlinburg Mass Transit Center and goes south down River Road and continues on Historic Nature Trail-Airport Road. The remaining routes include the Arts and Crafts Community, East Parkway and City Hall, and the Parkway and Welcome Center. Also, you can go to Dollywood and Pigeon Forge on the Pink Route for a mere 75 cents! You will probably pay more in gas!

If they only had a trolley to bring you right to the front door of your cabin in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, TN. Good thing there are many Cabins For You cabins right down the street from downtown Gatlinburg. With the picturesque countryside in view, an armful of bags from shopping at all the stores in the city, and many pictures from all the attractions that you saw on the trolley, step out of your car into a wonderful cabin rental from Cabins For You. Plan your trip to the biggest tourist destination in the southeast. Call us at 1.800.684.7865 today to reserve your cabin in Gatlinburg TN.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bungee Jumping at Ober Gatlinburg

Ever went bungee jumping? Ober Gatlinburg has the next best thing to bungee jumping. Have some bungee fun at Ober Gatlinburg in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It’s your next stop for the whole family this summer. The Trampoline Thing, literally called just that, will make you jump, flip, and experience all the acrobatics of a gymnast on a trampoline. You won’t float away though, because you can strap yourself in with bungee cords of course! You're always securely centered over the trampoline by two bungee cords that lift you higher and higher as you jump. If you’re scared of heights, then The Trampoline Thing is just the thing, no pun intended, for you!

Also, to accompany the wonderful Trampoline Thing, Bungee Run is something to try after your stop at The Trampoline Thing. On your mark, get set, run! Don’t be the first to get snapped back as you test your might against a bungee cord to see if you or your opponent can gain the most distance. It’s just like the bungee runs carnivals and other boardwalks have every summer. It’s fun to race your friends or family members to see who can get the farthest before being sprung back the other way! Take a camera with you and snap some pictures of your friends’ faces in the process of being strewn 15 feet back in the other direction.

Ober Gatlinburg has many other attractions to offer, such as ice skating, shopping, skiing, and numerous other activities. So, bring the whole family along for a day of bliss, and after your day of bliss, come by a cabin from Cabins For You. Bounce back into form in a Jacuzzi or hot tub to rest those sore muscles while staring off into the sunset of the Great Smoky Mountains. Oh, what a view it is! Plan your trip now, and remember to call Cabins For You soon to make a reservation in the best cabin rental in Tennessee! Call today to make sure you beat the rush!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Take a Walk in the Woods

If you’re stressed, need a break from the norms of our society, or a getaway from your Garlinburg cabin rental, come take a guided nature walk through the Great Smoky Mountains. Exploration excursions, guided backpacking trips, and beautiful hikes await you in Gatlinburg, TN! You can even take overnight trips, rent equipment, take classes, and seminars are available. This idea started with a hike of the Smokies, and turned into the proverbial labor of love. As the owners of A Walk in the Woods became more dissatisfied with life, they began discussing an alternative in which they would be doing something they believed in. They were drawn to the Appalachian Mountains and loved being outdoors, but were unclear of how to make the Smokies their life's work, instead of just a passion.

Then in late August of 1996, Erik took a backpacking trip through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park alone. During this vision quest, he found the answer. Why not share this magic with others? They were experienced hikers and backpackers, with years of studying the natural world. And, so, A Walk in the Woods was born.

From the testimonials, everyone has a great and exciting time. They can’t stop saying good things about their hikes. JM from Tucker, GA said, “After seeing an old growth forest on A Walk in the Woods trip, I understand why people hug trees!” Also, The Happy Hiker now offers a 10% discount on gear for A Walk in the Woods clients. Ask your Guide for details. Whether you are seeking a unique rugged adventure, to expand your knowledge and skills or simply a peaceful encounter with nature at its finest, come discover the stunning world of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

A Walk in The Woods has what you need to get away from everything. With guided walks and hikes, they will take you through the wonderful Smoky Mountains. After your interpretive walk through the Smokies, take another walk on over to a Cabins For You cabin. We have great cabin rentals in Gatlinburg, and have everything to make you feel right at home for the night! Call us today to reserve your Gatlinburg rental cabin today.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Kayaking in the Great Smoky Mountains

Do you enjoy the outdoors? Do you like to swim, white-water raft, or just like to spend time near the water? If so, maybe you need to try kayaking in the Great Smoky Mountains! Bring a friend or family member along on your vacation in a Gatlinburg cabin rental and kayak down a class 1 or an even higher difficulty river. Rafting down the rivers in Tennessee is a once in a lifetime experience, and you have to come try it out. A mixture between a canoe and white-water rafting, kayaking is a single manned craft that will toss and turn with the vibrations of the waves. It’s quite extraordinary coasting down the cool, serene river with a few millimeters of plastic distancing you from the water. With you, your craft, and your trusty ore, you can have the time of your life. You might even be hooked to come back every weekend.

You can drop your kayak in at River Rat tubing in Townsend, TN, 25 miles east of Gatlinburg TN. If you like, you can even bring your kayak to a local stream and float down with a few friends. River Rat Tubing and Kayak is the closest kayak rental to Gatlinburg and offers inexpensive prices for the whole family. Their address is 205 Wears Valley Road, Townsend, TN 37882-3307. If you want to get in touch with them, call (865) 448-8888. Call them to make a reservation to kayak in the Great Smoky Mountains.

After making your reservation with River Rat, you will need a place to stay while in the Gatlinburg TN area. Call us up to rent a Gatlinburg cabin rental! Cabins For You has just what you need after your trip down the cool rivers of the Smokies. With hot tubs, Jacuzzis, full kitchens, the beautiful landscape of the Smokies in your back and front yard, and everything else to please your family. It’s a very unique experience staying in one of our Gatlinburg cabin rentals, so call us today to make your reservation! Don’t forget to bring your paddling arms and desire for adventure!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

See Stars at the Star Cars Museum in Gatlinburg TN

The owner of Star Cars Museum, Charlie Moore, has always been interested in cars. Over the years he has owned many high-performance cars of limited-edition status. Becoming interested in their history, he came to discover the potential for their use in movies. Many of his own cars were used in many Hollywood movies. From here, he decided to showcase his many cars in a museum in Gatlinburg TN, hence The Star Cars Museum!

The museum showcases over 30 of the best Hollywood movie and television cars. Star Cars has cars from Ghostbusters, The Munsters, The Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider, and the Flinstones-mobile from the movie The Flintstones. Cars from Dick Tracy, Jurassic Park, and The Beverly Hillbillies also are to be seen at this great museum. If you are a car buff, and especially a movie buff, come on over to the Star Cars Museum in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Even cars from superstars in music and acting are to be seen at Star Cars. It’s called Star Cars for a reason! New cars are added nearly every year to keep the museum in step with Hollywood. Our newest exhibits are from such blockbuster hit movies as Gone in 60 Seconds, Charlie’s Angels, The Fast and the Furious, and Triple X.

Star Cars is located at 914 Parkway beside the Convention Center and is open seven days a week from 10:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m. Call (865) 430-2200 for more information.

You won’t believe what you’ll see next after your hour walk through the Star Cars Museum. Come to a Cabins For You cabin to completely enjoy the Smoky Mountains and a genuine log cabin. Sitting at the foothills of the Smokies, a cabin rental from Cabins For You awaits you after your walk through the museum. Stay the night in style in one of our commodious cabins with you and your family. Dine out in one of the many restaurants in downtown Gatlinburg and rest on a comfortable bed in your own cabin. It’s just like sleeping at home! Call the best cabin rental in the southeast to book your weekend stay in Gatlinburg, TN!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Cast Your Cares into the Streams of Gatlinburg Tennessee

Fly fishing is a satisfying, patient, and serene sport. If you ever feel the need to get away from all the hectic life of the city, come to Gatlinburg to escape. Fly fishing offers a unique experience with you, your rod, and the fish of the stream. Wade waist deep in the cool waters of Gatlinburg, while trying to hook that trout or other beautiful fish. Before you fly fish in the streams of Gatlinburg, head on over to the Smoky Mountain Angler to pick up your gear. They are the oldest fly fishing shop and fishing guide service in Gatlinburg Tennessee. They are located on the Parkway in Gatlinburg at 466 Brookside Village Way, Suite 8 in Winery Square, upstairs above Papa John's Pizza.

As a TWRA license agent, Smoky Mountain Angler is equipped to provide you with the proper fishing license for your fishing trip in the Smokies. Smoky Mountain Angler is a dealer for Sage, St. Croix, Cortland, and other lines of fly-fishing gear. They have a large selection of commercial flies as well as locally hand-tied mountain fly patterns. They even have a selection of fly tying supplies and kits, as well as rod building kits. For the discriminating fly fisherman, we can have a rod custom built to your specifications.

Smoky Mountain Angler is even available for guide services and basically anything to do with fly fishing. If you just need that certain rod or all the gear, Smoky Mountain Angler has what you need. They have more information at, or call (865) 436-8746 to get in touch with them by phone.

Cast your cares on a Cabins For You cabin! Smoky Mountain Angler has everything for your fly fishing trip, but they can’t give you a great night’s rest in the Smoky Mountains. Reserve a cabin today in the Great Smoky Mountains, and make it a weekend of fly fishing with your family. Take some sandwiches along and eat lunch on a stream in Gatlinburg. Remember to call early to make your reservation with the best cabin rental in Gatlinburg!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Pigeon Forge Cabin Rentals - Why you should rent one!

If you are taking a family vacation to Pigeon Forge TN and don’t want to stay in the same boring motel, then we have the perfect accommodation for you! Our Pigeon Forge cabin rentals offer your family more space and a comfortable place to sleep. You will not be disappointed in choosing a “Cabins For You” rental. Your family vacation will be enjoyable, relaxing and comfortable.

Three of our six four person cabin rentals in Pigeon Forge include Mountain View II, Little Mountain Home and Irresistible.

Mountain View II is a cabin that has one bedroom and one and half bathrooms. It is furnished with a king size bed and a full sleeper. It comes equipped with a full kitchen, hot tub, an indoor Jacuzzi tub and so much more. It also offers entertainment for everyone to enjoy such as an air hockey table, foosball, game table, pool table and a home theater room with a wide screen HDTV with surround sound, DVD and VCR. Mountain View II boasts incredible mountain views.

Little Mountain Home is a cabin rental in Pigeon Forge that has one bedroom and one bathroom. It has one king size bed and one queen sleeper. It offers many amenities such as a full kitchen, wood burning fireplace, inside hot tub and Jacuzzi, and much more. From the deck you can enjoy the beautiful views of the Smokey Mountains.

Irresistible is a one bedroom and one bathroom cabin rental that is furnished with one king size bed and a queen sleeper. It offers a washer and dryer, indoor Jacuzzi, pool table, fireplace and many other amenities. The hot tub that is enclosed in a screened porch that overlooks the beautiful pastures and valleys of the Smokies.

All of these cabin rentals are located just minutes from the Pigeon Forge attractions, shows and restaurants but are private and secluded. Nearby is the famous Dollywood theme park, Dixie Stampede and Bennett’s Bar-B-Que.

Call us today and book one of our Pigeon Forge cabin rentals for a fun and enjoyable family vacation.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Country Tonite Theater

While staying in a Pigeon Forge cabin, you need to experience the live country show at the Country Tonite Theater. It is the best entertainment value in the Smokey Mountains. You need to take the entire family to experience this high-energy full-scale production.

Country Tonite Theater is in its eighth season. This two hour show continues to explode with the best in quality entertainment. It includes singing, dancing, comedy, gospel, patriotic and more. It offers old country music, classic country music and new country music.

In this 1500 seat multi-million dollar Country Tonite Theater; Park Ranger Bubba will steal your heart with his antics. Also part of the show is trick roping, sidesplitting comedy and dazzling choreography. From classics by Hank Williams to contemporary hits by
Faith Hill, our award-winning cast will definitely dazzle you.

Show times are at 3pm and 8pm. Tickets for this show are $23.10 for adults and $15 for teens 12-17. Per paid adult ticket you get two children 12 and under in free. Country Tonite Theater is located just minutes from many cabin rentals in Pigeon Forge. It is also located near Dollywood, outlet shopping, The Comedy Barn and other attractions. Also nearby are restaurants so that you can enjoy eating a good meal before seeing the show.

For reservations and information to Country Tonite Theater, call 865-453-2003 for a music experience that you will not forget. It is the show that country music lovers need to see. After experiencing this show, go back to one of our Pigeon Forge cabin rentals and unwind.

Monday, October 03, 2005

American Jukebox Theater

While staying in one of our cabins in Pigeon Forge, you need to visit the American Jukebox Theater. American Jukebox Theater is the new name for the Classic Country Theater. This opry style 1200 seat theater show features country hits from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s as well as 50’s rock and roll songs. It offers two great shows: Back to the 50’s Rock and Roll and Country’s Greatest Hits. You can come and sing along with the hits that comes alive in this theater. The Back to the 50’s Rock and Roll show at the American Jukebox features your favorite 50’s music for two hours. A few 50’s songs featured in this show include Blue Suede Shoes, That’ll Be the Day, One Fine Day, Wake Up Little Suzie and Great Balls OF Fire. It also features Pretty Women, Blue Moon, Jailhouse Rock, Under the Boardwalk, Good Golly Miss Molly and many more. It will leave you breathless with an enlarged cast and crew of tunes, excitement and atomic energy as they blast the hits from the past. The Country Greatest Hits show at the American Jukebox Theater features old, classic and new country hits. It features songs such as All My Ex’s Live in Texas, Hello Darling, Don’t Rock the Jukebox, Crazy, Amazed, Breathe, and many more. This show is presented with hand clapping, toe tapping and smiling pride by some of the Smokey Mountains most talented entertainers, musicians and vocalists. Theater show times are at 7:30 nightly Monday thru Saturday for the Back to the 50’s Rock-N-Roll and 2:15 matinee Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for the Country Greatest Hits show. Ticket prices are as follows: adults $27.42, children 13-17 $11.66, ages 6-12 $6.28 and children 5 and under are free. This theater is located just minutes from many Pigeon forge cabins. It is also near attractions in Pigeon Forge including Dollywood theme park, Great Smoky Mountain National Park and numerous restaurants.