Bungee Jumping at Ober Gatlinburg

Ever went bungee jumping? Ober Gatlinburg has the next best thing to bungee jumping. Have some bungee fun at Ober Gatlinburg in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It’s your next stop for the whole family this summer. The Trampoline Thing, literally called just that, will make you jump, flip, and experience all the acrobatics of a gymnast on a trampoline. You won’t float away though, because you can strap yourself in with bungee cords of course! You're always securely centered over the trampoline by two bungee cords that lift you higher and higher as you jump. If you’re scared of heights, then The Trampoline Thing is just the thing, no pun intended, for you!

Also, to accompany the wonderful Trampoline Thing, Bungee Run is something to try after your stop at The Trampoline Thing. On your mark, get set, run! Don’t be the first to get snapped back as you test your might against a bungee cord to see if you or your opponent can gain the most distance. It’s just like the bungee runs carnivals and other boardwalks have every summer. It’s fun to race your friends or family members to see who can get the farthest before being sprung back the other way! Take a camera with you and snap some pictures of your friends’ faces in the process of being strewn 15 feet back in the other direction.

Ober Gatlinburg has many other attractions to offer, such as ice skating, shopping, skiing, and numerous other activities. So, bring the whole family along for a day of bliss, and after your day of bliss, come by a cabin from Cabins For You. Bounce back into form in a Jacuzzi or hot tub to rest those sore muscles while staring off into the sunset of the Great Smoky Mountains. Oh, what a view it is! Plan your trip now, and remember to call Cabins For You soon to make a reservation in the best cabin rental in Tennessee! Call today to make sure you beat the rush!