Gatlinburg Weather and Monthly Advice

The weather is always changing (even unpredictable at times) in Gatlinburg TN. We can help you out. Just read below to determine when you’ll want to stay and how you should pack while visiting our Gatlinburg cabins.

Monthly Information

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Seasonal Information

The weather is especially confusing in the Spring. It can be hot, cold, rainy or snowy depending on your elevations. Temperatures during March, April and May can be anywhere in the 80s during the day and down in the 30s at night. We suggest you bring a jacket, especially if you plan on rocking or swinging on the back deck.

Summer in Gatlinburg TN, much like most of the south, is hot and humid. No way around it. Day time temperature highs reach about 85 - 90 degree. This is a favorite time to go to the mountains. It’s the perfect temperature for some outdoor activities or just sitting in the rocker at a cabin.

As for Fall in Gatlinburg, it’s still warm enough for shorts during the day but you might need pants at night. September starts getting chilly at night, and October shows decreasing temperatures. It’s colder so long sleeves are highly suggested. In November don’t be surprised if you see snow at the higher elevations. Let’s not forget about the fall foliage of Gatlinburg TN amongst all this talk of cold weather! Peak fall foliage hits around mid-October and lasts through mid-November.

Now for Winter! Gatlinburg TN won’t always have 2 feet of snow during the winter, but there will be sporadic snow fall in Gatlinburg and some valley areas. For the most part, there will be snow all year in high elevations such as Ober Gatlinburg and Mt. Leconte. Regardless of whether or not there is snow, you will most likely need a heavy jacket for most of the winter months.