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Essential for all Cabins for YOU guests, Happy Stays is a cool, easy-to-use app designed to keep all the information you need to enjoy your Smoky Mountain vacation in one convenient place. To get started, simply download the Happy Stays app for free through the App Store or Google Play, then enter your access code — provided by Cabins for YOU via email after you make a reservation — to unlock all the features!

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Start your vacation with ease with the following pro tips and cabin info!

You’ve booked your perfect cabin. Now find out how to get there, how to get inside, and what to do, see, and experience in the Great Smoky Mountains!

Before you head to the Smokies, check out our tips on what to pack, how to be prepared for arrivals in any season, and what we have ready and waiting for YOU in the cabin.

Check-in time, using your unique key code, hot tub and pool dos and don’ts, things you may encounter in the mountains…watch this short video to get ready for your Smoky Mountain vacay!

It’s time to head home. This quick video will guide you through our 5 short steps to checking out and leaving your cabin in top shape.


Arriving at YOUR cabin

Read about our Top Tips for Navigating your Cabin for common troubleshooting tips to help make your arrival a smooth one.

Check-in Time: 4 PM (EST) — No call necessary. Just type in your unique key code (provided via email 5 days before arrival) and head inside! Check-in time is guaranteed by 6 PM due to the dynamic nature of guests arriving.

What We Provide

  • 1 towel + 1 washcloth per guest
  • 1 bar of soap + 1 roll of toilet paper per bathroom

What to Pack (Or Grab in Town)

  • Extra towels
  • Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc.)
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Dish soap
  • Laundry detergent + dryer sheets (for cabins with provided washers & dryers)
  • Extra trash bags
  • Charcoal or propane (for cabins with provided grills)
  • Extra toilet paper + paper towels

How to Enter Your Cabin

Keyless Entry
Start by pressing the star or check key to wake the lock. Next, enter your unique key code, followed by the star or check key once more. Listen for the lock to open, then head inside. The door automatically locks after 10 seconds, so don’t forget your unique key code when heading outside.

Alarm System
Safety first! Your cabin may have an alarm system. To arm or disarm the system, simply enter the alarm code provided via email. It’s that easy!

Please take a glance at the important departure information below!

Checkout Time: 10 AM (EST) No call necessary. Just shut the door behind you as it will automatically lock after 10 seconds!

Departure Checklist
We would really appreciate your help with the following upon your departure.

  • Place used towels in the bathtub and leave linens on the bed.
  • Please load and start the dishwasher.
  • Bag all trash and place outside in the trash can or bear-proof containers.
  • HVAC — Set heat to 65℉ in winter and AC to 80℉ in summer.
  • Shut and lock all doors and windows and set the alarm (if applicable).