Cabins for YOU Owner Testimonials

We pride ourselves in taking great care of our owners. When you sign with Cabins for YOU, you become our partner. We’ll work with you each step of the way, focusing on YOU and your property. But you don’t have to just take our word for it. See what our owners have experienced with Cabins for YOU - in their own words!

Lynette was looking for a one-stop property management company that would be able to deliver the revenue results she desired — with top-notch property care and guest satisfaction. After success with Cabins for YOU, she has continued to add properties to our sister companies in Georgia & Florida as well.

Owner Dan Higdon sets high goals for his properties, and Cabins for YOU has been there to meet them. When he teamed up with Cabins for YOU, he found personal and caring service, a responsive owner representative, and results that have made him happy.

After being disappointed in 3 different management companies, Susan and Claude Childs were looking for an honest, no-surprises partnership. They found it in Cabins for YOU. With expectations exceeded each year and rental on one cabin tripled, they're now working towards a fourth investment property!

Luke is a hands-on owner, and he wants the details - big or small - to be taken care of. He found an ease with Cabins for YOU, saw a great return on his investments, and found an honesty and personal attention to his cabin that he hadn't experienced before.

Todd & Leslie are dedicated to making their cabin a comfortable getaway and are always looking for ways to increase guest satisfaction. They appreciate that management's attention to detail matches their own and are happy that the revenue their cabin brings in allows them to continually make improvements.

Jackie put in her due diligence to find a vacation rental management company that would help achieve her financial goals with her first cabin - so much so she bought a second cabin! With Cabins for YOU, she values her personal owner representative, transparency on home improvement, and accurate profit projections.

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Written Testimonials

"Cabins for You has been an outstanding partner in growing my rental properties into top performers. The responsiveness from their Owner Support Team is incredibly fast and thorough – they prevent many of the headaches I experienced regularly with my prior management company! They find cost-effective repair and upgrade solutions that truly make my cabins better today than the day I put them in their care. CFY understands that we both win if we have the highest quality cabins, with great service, at competitive prices!”
Charlie N., Knoxville, TN

"We have been with Cabins For You for almost 2 years and could not have picked a better management company for our vacation rental home.  Maintenance staff is very reliable and extremely knowledgeable.  Don’t get fooled by other companies who make big promises that they are not able to deliver.  We had a brief run with Vacasa, who lured us with such promises but quickly realized it was a huge mistake.  Save yourself time and money by partnering with Cabin For You.  Jenny has been absolutely wonderful to work with and welcomed us back with open arms."
Anonymous Owner

"I love that Cabins for YOU has been local and not international since the beginning. I love the fact that my cabin is being cared for more now than it ever has been by any other rental company. I love the fact that someone comes in after the cleaners and checks behind them. I love the way my cabin has been booked up almost the entire time I have been with Cabins for YOU. I also love the 80%/20% split. No other company would ever think about doing that! I was able to do some major upgrades to my cabin and I bought a new car thanks to all the rentals! A SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL THE RESERVATIONISTS WHO MADE IT POSSIBLE! So far, I haven’t had any guest complaints!! That speaks volumes! Also, no company has ever had the security lock system that Cabins for YOU has. To potential owners: Get off the fence and join Cabins for YOU. You will be more than glad you did! I would like to end this owner testimonial by saying, “NO, this is not a paid advertisement!"
Gina Buchignani

"We chose Cabins for YOU for the team! They were very responsive to me, and every time I have ever called the agent number, someone has answered! With our last company, that was never the situation. It’s important that if our guests have questions, they get to talk with someone. Ashley is the best! She always answers emails and is soo helpful to us! Cabins for YOU has also been so very helpful with maintenance. We are very happy and would recommend!"
Roxanne Bagwell

"We chose Cabins for YOU somewhat by default, as our cabin was being managed by Cabins for YOU when we purchased it. However, we have renewed year after year due to our overall satisfaction with the management of our cabin, Over The Top! Their great job in advertising is why our cabin is booked most of the time, and accounting is doing an excellent job as well. We are grateful for the increase in our percentage following renovations we’ve made and appreciate the outstanding photos and description – many of which have been provided at no cost following our upgrades and renovations. The drone photos are fantastic! Ashley is absolutely fantastic, and Jenny does a great job as well. We greatly appreciate our partnership with Cabins for YOU – all they do for us and our guests – and want to thank them for helping our dreams become reality. We still can’t believe we own a cabin in the Smokies! We have already recommended CFY to several of our friends who own cabins in the area."
Philip + Susan Doucet

"Cabins for YOU was already managing the cabin when we purchased, but we also checked with several other management companies as well. After talking with Kevin Vozar, he pretty well clinched the deal. He was very straight forward and honest. What he told us up front we have found to be true in our dealings since. We had the fortunate experience (or unfortunate, depending on how you look at it) to witness their response firsthand on a leaking ice maker, and they were very prompt in fixing. We are very pleased with the way our cabin stays rented and have been extremely pleased with the performance of our cabin. Ashley handles all our questions and problems with the cabin promptly and professionally."
Wayne Johnson

"From the start I found Kevin Vozar to be very knowledgeable and professional. In November of 2016 I interviewed several companies to manage my first cabin. That is when I first met Kevin. I initially went with Jackson Mountain Homes, then with Cabins USA who is the current company managing the cabin. I was new to the cabin rental scene and felt more comfortable with the guarantee contract Cabins USA offered me. My second cabin was finished two years later. I wanted to give Cabins for YOU a try after hearing Kevin’s expectations regarding how well he thought the cabin would perform. I am very pleased that I went with Cabins for YOU and often think about giving my other cabin to them as well. There is no doubt that Cabins for YOU is the better of the two companies. The customer and owner services are better as well as how the cabin is maintained. Finally, the contract split that Kevin gave me is very generous and it eases my concerns regarding guest bookings. I plan on building two more cabins and look forward to working with Cabins for YOU and its entire staff. I am very pleased with the maintenance staff, and the cabin is always clean with little to no guest complaints regarding cleanliness. Ashley is excellent!"
Brian Rand

"I've been with CFY for 20 years now. In the past they were - and still continue to be - one of the best in town. They have excellent marketing, and Ashley is awesome."
Steve Schmidt

"I am very happy that Cabins for YOU is managing our cabin. We have had a few unpleasant situations with other management companies. Cabins for YOU has been very easy to work with and the staff we have had contact with have been very courteous and professional."
Gary Deel

"With evaluating a lot of the cabin companies, we felt that Cabins for YOU was the right fit for the cabins that we currently have and may obtain in the future. You are great to work with and find answers to our questions. We have overall been pleased with the quality of service you have provided for us and our cabins."
Jason Denton

"I was impressed with the positive comments posted on the web. At the time I switched from my previous managers, I was very dissatisfied with the way the owners were charged for every little thing. I like the fact that CFY is transparent with their charges and does not “nickel and dime” the owners. I also like the fact that CFY does a thorough cleaning at least once a year and inspects the cabin after every guest checks out. If there are damages, CFY will repair or replace the items. I also like having my own personal liaison that is familiar with my cabin and knows my preferences. The maintenance crew is very professional and responsive, and it’s always clean when I visit. Overall very professional and courteous."
Rebecca Simmons