Gatlinburg in June

Average Temp - 83 Degrees

June in Gatlinburg brings fabulous weather and lots of summer fun. The first two weeks of the month are a bit slower, so it's a nice time to visit for those seeking a quiet escape. The weather is perfect for kayaking, hiking, biking, swimming and many other outdoor activities. During the last two weeks, things really pick up and the calendar is packed. Here are some of the many activities and events going on in June:

Things to Do Outside

June flowers in Gatlinburg

Smoky Mountain Springfest
March 12th – June 2nd
The Smoky Mountain Springfest will be finishing up at the beginning of June. There will be festive bluegrass music playing Appalachian tunes, restaurants with fresh, seasonal foods and flowers everywhere. Many leading horticulturists and landscape professionals will give guided hikes and educate people on how to tend to their own plants. Enjoy vivid flowers along the streets and trails and in shop windows. Gatlinburg will really be bursting with life!

Smoky Mountain Farmers Market
weekends May - October
From 8:30 am to 11:30 am each Saturday from mid-May to mid-October, local Gatlinburg vendors will gather in the Alamo Steakhouse parking lot to offer fresh, healthy foods. Stop by for delicious fruits, veggies and homemade sweet treats. Here you will find the best of what local Gatlinburg has to offer. Check out their website for more information

Smoky Mountain Tunes and Tales
The Smoky Mountain Tunes and Tales is a summer-long event hosted by the Gatlinburg Department of Tourism. There will be fun for both adults and children with storytellers, artists, musicians and singers. Performers will be dressed in period clothing, dating back as far as the 1800s. As you stroll the streets of Gatlinburg, soak up the sounds and atmosphere of a really unique and fun event. Check out their website for more information

Free Parkway Trolley
Because of the success of the trial-basis free trolley system in the past, the city of Gatlinburg will be allowing visitors and locals to enjoy free trolley rides over the course of the summer. Three specially designated trolleys will be available for free rides around the city. All other trolleys will have $2 all day passes with unlimited access to the Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow and Green trolley routes.

Popular Attractions

Some attractions you may want to visit in June are: