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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Boyd Bear Country - Pigeon Forge Tennessee

While you are staying in one of our Pigeon Forge cabins, check out the Boyds Bear Country. It is a big, three-story barn located at the foot of the Smoky Mountains in Pigeon Forge TN. This barn has the largest selection of Boyds Bear and Friends anywhere. It’s much more than The World’s Largest Teddy Bear Store.

From inside the barn, you can see spectacular view of the Smoky Mountains. There is a huge stone fireplace and a restaurant inside that serves country cooking. During the weekend, there is live, local entertainment. There is always a new, exciting setting, changing with the season. The Boyds Collection is changed twice a year, meaning you’ll always find something new! Boyds Bear Country is home of the Boyds black bear, available only at the barn. You won’t find one anywhere else!

There are plenty of bears to choose from in Boyds Bear Country. They vary from Thinking of You bears to M&M’s bears. They also have NASCAR bears and COCA-COLA bears. There are Christmas bears, Autumn bears, any season you could think of. There are baby bears and Americana bears. Anything you are interested in, you’ll find a bear for it.

Also in Boyds Bear Country is the Boyds Super Duper Bear Factory, open to all ages! It’s a factory where you can make your own Boyds bear! There are six steps in making your own exclusive bear. First, you choose your new animal. Then, you pick your beans! There are different colors of beans with each color representing something, like love or friendship. Third, you get to stuff your new friend! Also, there is a magic bean that makes your animal special. After that you name it, and dress it. There are a variety of clothing to pick from, so you’re bound to find something you like!

The barn also has Boyds Teddy Bear Nursery inside! This is where you can adopt your own Boyds bear. There are bears born everyday day! When you decide to adopt, you have to apply by answering questions. Afterwards, you pick our your newborn bear cub! You’ll get to choose a boy or a girl. Once you choose your bear, you choose and adoption package. There are three packages available. Before you leave, you get your picture taken with you newly adopted bear!

Visiting Boyds Bear Country would be a treat anytime of the year. Call our office today to book a cabin in the Pigeon Forge TN area so you can see this large, packed with fun barn!
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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fixin 2 Rain - Pigeon Forge TN

Pigeon Forge TN is full of entertaining shows but the newest one to the area is “Fixin 2 Rain”, a Broadway musical about Noah, the Ark and the animals. Fixin 2 Rain is entertainment the entire family can enjoy. This show will appeal to religious audiences of every age. Fixin 2 Rain is full of faith, hope, love, family and courage. Come and enjoy this modern day story of Noah and his Ark in a beautiful Smoky Mountain setting.

Fixin 2 Rain is a world class production filled with humor and songs that will keep you coming back for more. In Fixin 2 Rain you will meet Noah, his wife, his three sons and you’ll get to visit the small town of Bee Log Holler. The animals in Fixin 2 Rain can also talk so be prepared because you’ll never stop laughing at the adorable critters.

Fixin 2 Rain is filled with incredible special effects that will entertain everyone. Watch as thunder, lightening and rain cause commotion in Bee Log Holler. The lovable animals in the show will brighten everyone’s day with their fn loving personalities.

As the rain gets worse Noah and his sons will start building the ark on stage so everyone can see. You will also get to see them start rounding the animals up for their adventure. Noah’s story is told through songs and dancing and of course it just keeps getting better. The finale is where a beautiful rainbow will be revealed for all to see.

Fixin 2 Rain is a brilliant, entertaining, hand clapping, and foot stomping story of Noah and the Ark. Fixin 2 Rain is a must see while you are visiting the Smokies. Plan your trip to see this Broadway style musical that everyone just keeps talking about.

Don’t forget to stop by the gift shop after the show to get your souvenirs so you’ll always remember this incredible show. Group rates are available so give them a call today, at 1-800-826-2933, and reserve your seats for one incredible show.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Old Mill

While staying in the Pigeon Forge - Gatlinburg, TN area, would you like to spend some time shopping and then sit down to an old-fashioned country meal? Check out the Old Mill Square, located in Pigeon Forge! The square has eight stores, including a toy store and a candy kitchen. The Old Mill Restaurant serves southern style breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In the early 1800s, The Old Mill was crucial to everyday life for the early settlers in the Smoky Mountains. It produced flours and meals each day. It was water-powered, and even provided electricity to the Little Pigeon River area until 1935. The Old Mill has a large water wheel that harnesses the flow of the Little Pigeon River. This water wheel is one of the most distinct features of the mill. Inside the mill is a dependable system of shafts, belts and pulleys turns the 4600-pound stones and grain elevators. This system still works today, grinding products such as cornbread, biscuits, pancakes, grits, and muffins. These products are used in the dishes served at the Old Mill Restaurant today. Also, some grains are used in the Old Mill Bakery Café.

The Pigeon Forge area’s heritage is preserved in the shops at Old Mill Square. There are a variety of crafts that are practiced at the shops. For example, pottery-making and recipes of candy-making. The Old Mill Square is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is one of the most photographed mills in the country. It is also a very popular place to visit in the Smokies, just as it was two centuries ago.

Among the stores in the Old Mill Square is the General Store. This store adjoins the Old Mill, making it a favorite shopping destination for a million visitors each year. The store carries meals and grains made at the mill, such as yellow and white cornmeal and grits, flours, and pancake mixes. Also available are homemade jams and jellies. Fudge is made in the Candy Kitchen, and also sold at the General Store. You will also find unique gifts, such as Smoky Mountain memorabilia and craft items.

Other shops include Pigeon River Pottery, The Creamery, The Candy Kitchen, The Toy Bin, along with others. The Old Mill square is a destination where everyone in the family will find something that interests them. Book your cabin today, either online or by phone, to be able to visit The Old Mill Square.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Gatlinburg Fall Craftsmen Fair

Gatlinburg will hold it’s 31st annual Craftsmen’s fair this year. The Fall Craftsmen’s Fair is said to be one of the Gatlinburg Tennessee’s main attractions. The craftsmen fair begins on October 5th and lasts until October 22 of 2006. The fair will be held at the Gatlinburg Convention Center located at traffic light number 8. The convention center is located in downtown Gatlinburg TN. The Fair begins at 10:00 a.m. during the weekdays and last until 7:00 p.m. On Sundays the Fair begins at 10:00 a.m. and last until 5:00 p.m. Tickets to the Craftsmen’s Fair are $5.00 for adults. Children under the age of 12 are admitted free of charge. At the Gatlinburg Craftsmen’s fair you will find over 200 booths consisting of some of the nations finest works of art. You will also find artisans and craftspeople demonstrating their skill or wood work, painting, craving, and many more. They will be there to answer any questions that you might have about their art pieces. There will also be Bluegrass and Country music shows. Artist performing include; Dennis Lee and Band on October 5th - October 9th. Tim Watson and Black Creek will be performing on October 10th - 13th. Keith Longbotham and Band will perform from October 14th - October 22nd.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Rain Forest Zoo

RainForest Adventures Discovery Zoo is the perfect place for families to visit while staying in the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg area. This is an indoor zoo and is open year-round! The animals in the zoo are so amazing, and you’ll get to meet them! RainForest features over 400 live animals and represent over 130 species. This zoo is home to beautiful and unique animals of the Rain Forest all over the world.

The animals found at RainForest are from the temperate and tropical regions of the world. The majority of the creatures have been born or hatched in captivity. The animals are primarily used for education. The creatures in RainForest include reptiles, mammals, birds, amphibians, and even bugs!

Reptiles have inhabited our planet for very many years. Reptiles are related to dinosaurs, which date back millions of years. Their size varies from some of the largest animals ever known, to the smallest. Reptiles’ life spans and capable of surpassing all other vertebrate! At RainForest, you will get to see an abundance of reptiles! These reptiles include snakes, crocodiles, alligators, turtles, tortoises, and lizards.

Mammals are also a large group that inhabit the earth. At RainForest Adventures, you will get to see many tropical and temperate mammals. The mammals include the African serval, lemurs, the Mongoose, Sugar Gliders, and Spiny mice.

At RainForest, there is a variety of bugs. Tarantulas, the Indian Taran, black widows, scorpions, the Hissing Cockroach, and the Giant Cockroach are the bugs found at the zoo.

RainForest Adventures is the home to a vast variety of tropical and temperate birds. The birds at the zoo are birds that are in danger, or at risk of being in danger, of becoming extinct. These birds include the blue and gold macaw, cockatoos, finches, parakeets, along with others.

There are educational shows conducted daily by the trained staff of RainForest. You will get to be up close to some of the animals. This is a treat for children and adults alike! Remember that "Fall color" season is a great time of year to visit Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge TN. Because of the weather, this fantastic indoor zoo will be perfect for your entire family!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Halloween in Gatlinburg Tennessee

Looking for some excitement for Halloween Eve? Gatlinburg TN is the perfect place to be involved at with all of the Halloween festivities. There are plenty of spooky things to experience around town. For instance there is the Ripley’s Haunted Adventure located in downtown Gatlinburg TN. Ripley’s Haunted Adventure used to be know as the Grimsby & Streaper Casket Company. There are tales of the unnatural happening in the old building. Here is your chance to visit the factory that was closed permanently in 1926 due to the strange disappearance of both company owners. You can also take a Ghost Tour to some of Gatlinburg’s most horrific and mysterious places. There are two different tours that you may choose from. One tour starts at the Cemetery and ends at the IMAX theater. The second tour started at the IMAX theater and ends at the Cemetery. The stories that are told during the Ghost Walk feature a combination of local legends, history, and superstition. The stories being told are both stories and myths that have took place in the Gatlinburg area during the past one hundred years. If you are the adventurous type you can also take time to experience the Grand Haunted House. The Pigeon Forge Community also holds a family Halloween celebration at the Pigeon Forge Community Center. Some of the festivities will consist of a costume contest, trick or treating, storytelling and plenty of games for the entire family to enjoy. Looking for somewhere to stay during the Halloween festivities? Then be sure to call us an rent on of our cabins. Reserve a cabin today to help yourself enjoy Halloween while on your family trip in the Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Elvis Presley Museum in Pigeon Forge TN

Are you a big fan of Elvis Presley? While you are staying in one of our Pigeon Forge cabins, visit the Elvis museum, located in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. This Elvis museum has the title of the “World’s Largest Private Collection of Elvis Memorabilia.” The exhibits consist of cars, jewelry, sports items, personal belongings, and tour artifacts. The museum also has a gift shop with Elvis apparel, accessories, collectibles, and media items.

The founder of the museum, Mike L. Moon, started collecting Elvis memorabilia in 1971. He attended a party hosted by Elvis himself. Mr. Moon met Elvis at the party, and simply commented on his black leather belt. Elvis took of his belt and gave it to him. This charitable act caused Mr. Moon to become a lifetime fan of Elvis, collecting memorabilia each time an opportunity arose.

When Elvis died in 1977, Mr. Moon was inspired to open a museum beyond Graceland. The original museum was opened in 1979, which is the same Elvis museum open today. Over the next two decades, Mr. Moon was committed to expanding his collection. The museum now has the respectable title of “World’s Largest Private Collection of Elvis Memorabilia.” The collection now belongs to Mr. Moon’s daughter, who is proud to share the collection with Elvis’ dedicated fans.

In the exhibits there are two of Elvis’ cars, his last limousine and his honeymoon Cadillac. Both of the cars, excluding the vinyl top on the Cadillac, are in original condition. The Cadillac Coupe de Ville was used by Elvis and Priscilla Beaulieu during their honeymoon in Palm Springs. The limousine is the last personal limo Elvis ever used. It was used up until two weeks before his death.

In the tour artifacts exhibit, there are many interesting items. It includes a Charlie Hodge suit, a Fender electric guitar, an Elvis tour jacket, and a wooden case. During each tour, Elvis carried one of these wooden cases. This particular case was the one carried during Elvis’ last tour. Items in the case include colognes, an electric razor, a hair dryer, his toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, nail clippers, and ace bandages.

Visiting this Elvis museum would be an exciting time for the whole family, especially Elvis Presley fans! Call and book and book one of our Pigeon Forge cabins and visit the museum today!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fall Color in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge TN

If you are looking for something fun to do while you are staying in one of our Gatlinburg cabins in the Smoky Mountain area, check out Scenic Helicopter Tours, located in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. This activity would be exciting for honeymoon couples, or even the whole family! There are several different tours available, including Bluff Mountain, Wears Valley, River Island, and Douglas Lake, along with other tours. All of the helicopter tours are breathtaking and thrilling.

The helicopter flight covering Bluff Mountain is an amazing ride. At 1,500 feet in the air, you will get to experience the view of the Smoky Mountains. This tour is a 16 mile flight, which will get you away from the everyday hurry of your life.

The Wears Valley Tour is a very popular helicopter flight. It should be a must on your to-do list! You will see high mountains and deep valleys, and then a pass over Gatlinburg TN. This tour is very beautiful, everyone will love it. It covers 50 miles high in the air, just don’t forget your camera!

Another flight available is the River Island Tour. It covers 9 miles at a height of 1,000 feet and a speed of 100 miles per hour! The flight takes you over the French Broad River and Sevier County. The River Island Tour is thrilling. You won’t want to miss it.

The Douglas Lake Tour is another, yet unique, beautiful flight. While soaring high at 1,200 feet, you will be on your way to Douglas Dam. In the mean time, you will be above Tennessee farmland, a very pretty view. When you reach Douglas Dam, you will also see the beautiful lake. This scenic ride covers 12 miles.

Want to see it all? There is also a grand tour available for those interested! You may also go to Cades Cove on this flight. Also available are Aerial Weddings. There are two different flights, regular and deluxe. Each are breathtaking and romantic!

Flying with Scenic Helicopter Tours will be an experience you will never forget. Not only will you be able to experience the thrill of riding in a helicopter, but you will also get to see the beautiful Smoky Mountains from a birds-eye view!

Need a place to stay in the Smoky Mountain - Gatlinburg - Pigeon Forge area so you may experience these helicopter rides? Call our office and speak with a reservationist today!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wonder Works in Pigeon Forge Tennessee

Wonder Works, in Pigeon Forge TN, is Tennessee’s only upside down attraction. Inside of the Wonder Works there is over 150 different exhibits. There is plenty of things to do in this 55,000 sq. feet building. Also, be sure to check out the dinner show - Hoot ‘n’ Holler. Throughout the Wonder Works there are five different zones that you can visit. The Natural Disaster Zone lets you experience a natural disaster. The 1989 San Francisco earthquake is recreated in the laboratory. In the disaster zone you can actually feel the intensity of a 5.3 earthquake. In the Challenge Zone, you get the chance to test your own personal strength. You can either try to climb the gigantic indoor rock wall, or you can lay on a bed of nails while 3,500 sharp nails rise below you to test your endurance. In the Space Zone you can explore the depths of the outer space. You will also watch an educational 3 - D video. You can also explore life size replicas of astronauts and the mercury capsule. While in the sound and light zone you can jam on the MTV drums, and play to your favorite musical era. While you explore the Wonder Zone you can play with the Bubble Lab. You can put yourself in a bubble that you create. Or you can stop by the Wonder Coaster and designs your very own rollercoaster. So, if you are in the mood for a lot of fun and excitement, come to Pigeon Forge Tennessee. While on renting on of our Pigeon Forge cabins visit Wonder Works.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

See Gatlinburg TN For The First Time Again

When was the last time that you enjoyed all that Gatlinburg has to offer? Is it your fondest childhood memory? Or maybe you’re old friends with the great city and visit as often as possible. Possibly you have never enjoyed the majesty that is the Gatlinburg. No matter the last time you visited, Cabins for you would like to invite you to came and see Gatlinburg for the first time all over again. Come see the beautiful mountain scenes, enjoy the air and the town. There is nothing like a relaxing weekend with the ones you love. Whether you are in a new place or a beloved city that is so close to you heart. With your one and only or the whole family the great city has something for you to see with anyone.

Enjoy the shops and fun from down on the street or look down on it all from the sky lift. Come take a fresh look , see what you have been missing, and see how the city has changed! There is so much to see and even more fun to be had. See the shows, the city, the people, the culture, the excitement, the tranquility that is the smoky mountains. The memories that will last a lifetime and the sites that you’ll never forget are not so far away, nestled by the mountains and the city that have withstood the test of time, You’re bound to have more fun than you could ever imagine coupled by sites that you’ll never want to take your eye away from. So join us in Gatlinburg Tennessee and see the city for the first time all over again!