Fixin 2 Rain - Pigeon Forge TN

Pigeon Forge TN is full of entertaining shows but the newest one to the area is “Fixin 2 Rain”, a Broadway musical about Noah, the Ark and the animals. Fixin 2 Rain is entertainment the entire family can enjoy. This show will appeal to religious audiences of every age. Fixin 2 Rain is full of faith, hope, love, family and courage. Come and enjoy this modern day story of Noah and his Ark in a beautiful Smoky Mountain setting.

Fixin 2 Rain is a world class production filled with humor and songs that will keep you coming back for more. In Fixin 2 Rain you will meet Noah, his wife, his three sons and you’ll get to visit the small town of Bee Log Holler. The animals in Fixin 2 Rain can also talk so be prepared because you’ll never stop laughing at the adorable critters.

Fixin 2 Rain is filled with incredible special effects that will entertain everyone. Watch as thunder, lightening and rain cause commotion in Bee Log Holler. The lovable animals in the show will brighten everyone’s day with their fn loving personalities.

As the rain gets worse Noah and his sons will start building the ark on stage so everyone can see. You will also get to see them start rounding the animals up for their adventure. Noah’s story is told through songs and dancing and of course it just keeps getting better. The finale is where a beautiful rainbow will be revealed for all to see.

Fixin 2 Rain is a brilliant, entertaining, hand clapping, and foot stomping story of Noah and the Ark. Fixin 2 Rain is a must see while you are visiting the Smokies. Plan your trip to see this Broadway style musical that everyone just keeps talking about.

Don’t forget to stop by the gift shop after the show to get your souvenirs so you’ll always remember this incredible show. Group rates are available so give them a call today, at 1-800-826-2933, and reserve your seats for one incredible show.