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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge TN - A New Year

With 2007 just starting, Cabins For You would like to wish a Happy New Year to everyone... especially to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge TN. Cabins For You wishes everyone a great New Years Day and requests for everyone to eat lots of great food. If anyone decides to visit Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge in 2007, we hope that we can accommodate you and your family with one of our Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge rentals. Cabins For You wishes everyone a blessed 2007!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Candle Carvers

There are many things to do in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. Many souvenirs that you can bring home and show off. But, let’s face it, so many souvenirs are enjoyed for a few days or weeks and then thrown out, put away, or left to gather dust. Wouldn’t you love to have a souvenir that would not only remind you of your wonderful trip to the Smokies but also impress everyone and even serve a purpose? Well We have just the thing for you! The candle carvers are located in Pigeon Forge TN, about 5 miles from Gatlinburg TN, and specialize in unique candles that are not only beautiful but they will remind you of your trip to an already unforgettable place.

There are candles for everyone. These candles can not only serve as a souvenir but also make spectacular gifts, truly something that anyone would love to get. These candles vary so greatly that you could never imagine how many there actually are! They start with classic candles that are extravagant yet simple. They have a basic basket weaving technique and are extraordinary and beautiful. You can even custom select your own colors to go on your candle. There are even candles for most major seasons. Christmas candles featuring winter snowmen, candy canes and even Jolly ol’ ST. Nick himself. Halloween candles that are of scary little ghosts and even a few Jack-o-lanterns! Tom the turkey is hanging around for your thanksgiving holiday enjoyment. You can join the easter bunny too, here’s there with glowing ears eyes and even a cotton tail!
Getting married? The Candle Carvers make Wedding candles too! You can have them custom created and even have your dates, names, quotes and so much more printed on them! Been married? Well we can help with anniversaries too! The Candle Carvers will make candles with picture holders, prints and many styles made just for you.

Are you a picture lover? They can make the candles hold a picture and even match the colors to the picture.. For your loved ones, pets, favorite little all star of just you and some friends in your favorite colors!

Love the aroma that so many candles can have? Well they have many choices for you to choose from in any of their candles. The scents vary form apple, apple pie, to peaches and cream, honeydew and so many more!

Lighthouse candles are also available, these candles are shaped just like the famous lighthouses of the world and have real starfish and sea creatures and even light up through the windows! You can have the colors custom selected as well!

These will be perfect gifts for any occasion or any person. Varying from animals, to baby things, religious items, oceans, music patriotic, western, holiday, and mythical creatures!

You know the candles that are beautiful, you can see the items coming from the inside of the wax and they are so beautiful and festive? The candle carvers do those too! These candles are made with real items varying from flowers to real candy canes! Perfect for any occasion!

The candle carvers would love for you to come visit their shop! You can even watch them make the candles right before your eyes! A family owned business that will be sure to let you have exactly what you want and have the perfect gift or souvenir that is perfect for any age!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Smoky Mountain Christmas

The Smoky Mountain Community celebrates Christmas with a beautiful array of lights and decorations. The Smoky Mountain area is simply a winter wonder land during the Christmas months. WinterFest is also going on during the Christmas time. The celebration begins in late fall and goes until around the first week in January. The Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge communities team up together with local business to bring you the most breathtaking light display. There are millions and millions of lights that are hung up throughout the areas. Christmas time is the best time of the year! No doubt about it. This is the best time to enjoy the southern hospitality and the original traditions. Is it also the perfect way to get away with the family to spend some quality time together. There are plenty of Christmas shows to catch that the local business produce. Be sure to also stop by Ober Gatlinburg for some skiing or snowboarding. There are plenty of winter festivities that go on at Ober Gatlinburg. There are also plenty of shopping centers around so you can spend some of that Christmas money that you have been saving all year. After a long days of fun in the chilli Christmas atmosphere, what is better than coming and warming up by a nice warm fire while drinking a cup of hot coco? Be sure to call Cabins For You today to begin planning your family Christmas trip to Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge TN! Time is running out!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dollywood Christmas Festival - Pigeon Forge TN

Can you imagine enjoying the thrill of Dollywood surrounded by Christmas spirit? Well, now you can experience it! Visit Dollywood while the Smoky Mountain Christmas Festival is going on. From November 4th to December 30th Dollywood is all decked out in Christmas decorations. With over 3.5 millions holiday lights, the park looks like a giant Christmas tree. Don’t miss out on this beautiful time to visit Dollywood!

With the Christmas season comes different shows at Dollywood. All of these shows are inspired by Christmas. They are bound to lift your spirits! Some of these shows include Carol of the Trees, Parade of Lights, Christmas in the Smokies, and the newly added show Babes in Toyland.
Carol of the Trees is a spectacular light show. Accompanying these light is wonderful Christmas music, making this a don’t-miss show! The Parade of Lights is a wonderful parade featuring Christmas floats adorned with colored lights. Holiday characters also add to the indescribable effect! Don’t miss these wondrous shows!

Babes in Toyland is the most elaborated show at Dollywood ever! This show has 20 performers and a fully-orchestrated musical score. This show is a story of 2 characters on an incredible adventure through Toyland. Along the way, they encounter lots of characters. With amazing acrobats, spectacular scenery, and imaginative puppetry, your family is sure to enjoy this show!
Christmas in the Smokies is one of Dollywood’s featured shows! It is a musical tradition. The cast and band perform Christmas classics that you can sing along to. Christmas in the Smokies is something you and you family will never forget, so don’t miss out!

This Christmas season, visiting Dollywood would be a wonderful bonding experience for you and your family. Don’t forget your cameras! If you need a cabin rental, call our office and reserve your dates today!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cabin Rentals under $100 - Cheap/Budget Cabins

Vacations can get pretty expensive. With renting a room or cabin, paying for gas to get there, food and entertainment, vacation just becomes a big money pit. Well cabins for you has a way that you can save a few dollars on your trip to Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge. We offer a selection of cabins that are under $100.00 A night to rent. These cabins are located all over the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg and sleep anywhere from 2 to 6 people.

Endless Love is located in Pigeon Forge and is the perfect honeymoon cabin. It has one bedroom and one bathroom. The cabin comes with Cable or satellite, a CD player, a Dishwasher, a wood burning fireplace, a charcoal grill a hot tub, an indoor Jacuzzi, a microwave, a pool table, a swing, a telephone a washer and dryer as well as an iron and ironing board.

Irresistible is located in Pigeon forge. It has one bedroom and one bathroom. This cabin sleeps as many as four. The cabin has a beautiful view from the valley up to the mountains that will take your breath away. This cabin is equipped with a pool table as well as a hot tub and even a swing that looks onto that beautiful view!

Little Mountain Home is just that, a little mountain home sitting in the hills of Pigeon Forge. It has one bedroom as well as one bathroom. The cabin can sleep as many as four. The cabin has many of the same amenities as the other cabins. Including a grill, a hot tub, a telephone, a dishwasher, and a full kitchen.

Rachel’s Chalet is also located in Pigeon Forge and has one bedroom and 1.5 bathrooms. The chalet can sleep as many as 4. This cabin has all of the regular amenities as well as high speed internet.

Stonecreek Cottage is also located in Pigeon Forge and boasts one bedroom and one bathroom and can sleep as many as 6 .The cabin comes with a foosball table, a dart board, stereo a gas grill, board games, a fireplace, and a washer and dryer.

Each of these cabins is unique, however they all have two things in common, they are all under$100.00, and they are all with Cabins For You!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Rafting in Gatlinburg TN

If you are bringing a large group, or just your family, to the Gatlinburg TN area, check into going whitewater rafting! "Rafting in the smokies" has been rafting since 1978. These guys are professionals and guarantee you an awesome experience. There is no experience necessary! With 28 years of experience and a reputation for excellence, Rafting in the Smokies sets the rafting standard for Gatlinburg Tennessee.

"Rafting in the Smokies" provided you with one of their certified guides as you head down the river. Each one of them has a passion for rafting. It’s not just a job, it is their life. With one of these knowledgeable guides, your bound to have all your questions answered, ensuring your doubt to be at rest! The staff at "Rafting in the Smokies" maintains communication, making sure your trip is safe and exciting.

'Rafting in the Smokies" offers two trips down the Pigeon River, the upper section and the lower section. The upper section of the Pigeon River has Class III & IV rapids. This trip is 5 miles, and you are sure to have the time of your life. Along with riding the heart-stopping rapids, you will get to experience the indescribable Smoky Mountain scenery. There is a guide in every raft. The minimum age for this trip is 8 years old or 70 pounds.

If you have younger children or want a more relaxing trip, check out the lower section of the Pigeon River. These rapids are only Class I & II, making them very easy to ride. There is mostly a guide in every raft for this trip. With this trip being 6 miles, it will take you approximately 2 hours. This trip is very beautiful, and is for the less adventurous! If your group can not decide which trip to take, you can split it up! Rafting in the Smokies will accommodate your trips so they coincide with each other. This is very convenient for large groups.

Rafting with "Rafting in the Smokies" would be a smart move on your part with their experience and reputation. If you need a cabin, call our office or book online today!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is almost here and what could be better than a Smoky Mountain Christmas? Imagine the splendor that is Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge TN and all the majesty that comes with Christmas and winter in the Smoky Mountains. The Christmas lights and carols in the city will put you in the holiday mood. The snow will melt your heart while you bundle up to build your very own frosty. The celebrations start with Dollywood’s “Smoky Mountain Christmas” in mid-November and run there until December. But the festivities do not stop with the end of the year. Winterfest runs straight through March! So you can enjoy all the fun that the city has to offer through right up until spring!

The cities have so much to offer through the year and especially during Winterfest. There are millions and millions of lights throughout the two cities that will inspire and amaze you! Many of the lights are animated, some tell stories and others will entertain you with their simplicity.

There really is nothing like a Christmas in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge Tn. Imagine Christmas eve by the warmth of the fire with the ones that you love sipping on hot chocolate and staring out the window as the pure white snow falls quietly into perfect hills and valleys that cover the entire mountain. Imagine waking up Christmas morning opening the little gifts from Santa and with the smell of Christmas dinner sitting softly in the air. The children run to the yard to make snow angels and build snowmen, to play with good ol’ Jack Frost and sing jingle bells in the snow. Imagine the joy that you and your children will have at seeing snow for the first time, the first time in years or just making new memories to go with all the years past, you will not regret a Smoky mountain Christmas. No matter the size of your family they will enjoy one of the cabins that are available at cabins for you. Let Cabins for you make your dream of a white Christmas in the smoky mountains a reality!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gatlinburg TN - Winter 2006 - Ober Gatlinburg

A ski trip in the wonderful Gatlinburg TN can be a great time for the whole family! Ober Gatlinburg ski resort is located on Ski Mountain in Gatlinburg. With the skiing and the ice skating rink, there is nothing more you could ask for. However, to ensure you have the best time possible, there are some guidelines you should follow.

You should always stay in control. You need to be able to stop and avoid objects and people safely. Never ski down a slope if you are not ready. You can endanger yourself and others. People that are ahead of you always have the right of way. It is your responsibility, not theirs, to avoid them.

Do not stop on a trail where you are in the way of other skiers. Also, do not stop where you can’t be seen from above. This may cause harm to you and others.

Whenever you are starting to ski downhill, look uphill and yield to other skiers. This also applies when merging into another trail.

You should always use devices that prevent runaway equipment. If you don’t, you could endanger others.

Always observe the posted signs and warnings. These are there for your safety. You should always keep off closed trails and out of closed areas. They are closed for a reason.
Before getting on a ski lift, you should know how and be able to properly load, ride and unload safely.

By following these few simple guidelines, your ski experience will be even better!
Ober Gatlinburg has eight ski trails, an ice rink, and night skiing available on seven trails. After a long day at the ski resort, you will want to return back to one of our warm, cozy Gatlinburg cabins, just minutes away! Call our office to check availability for your next ski trip!