The Candle Carvers

There are many things to do in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. Many souvenirs that you can bring home and show off. But, let’s face it, so many souvenirs are enjoyed for a few days or weeks and then thrown out, put away, or left to gather dust. Wouldn’t you love to have a souvenir that would not only remind you of your wonderful trip to the Smokies but also impress everyone and even serve a purpose? Well We have just the thing for you! The candle carvers are located in Pigeon Forge TN, about 5 miles from Gatlinburg TN, and specialize in unique candles that are not only beautiful but they will remind you of your trip to an already unforgettable place.

There are candles for everyone. These candles can not only serve as a souvenir but also make spectacular gifts, truly something that anyone would love to get. These candles vary so greatly that you could never imagine how many there actually are! They start with classic candles that are extravagant yet simple. They have a basic basket weaving technique and are extraordinary and beautiful. You can even custom select your own colors to go on your candle. There are even candles for most major seasons. Christmas candles featuring winter snowmen, candy canes and even Jolly ol’ ST. Nick himself. Halloween candles that are of scary little ghosts and even a few Jack-o-lanterns! Tom the turkey is hanging around for your thanksgiving holiday enjoyment. You can join the easter bunny too, here’s there with glowing ears eyes and even a cotton tail!
Getting married? The Candle Carvers make Wedding candles too! You can have them custom created and even have your dates, names, quotes and so much more printed on them! Been married? Well we can help with anniversaries too! The Candle Carvers will make candles with picture holders, prints and many styles made just for you.

Are you a picture lover? They can make the candles hold a picture and even match the colors to the picture.. For your loved ones, pets, favorite little all star of just you and some friends in your favorite colors!

Love the aroma that so many candles can have? Well they have many choices for you to choose from in any of their candles. The scents vary form apple, apple pie, to peaches and cream, honeydew and so many more!

Lighthouse candles are also available, these candles are shaped just like the famous lighthouses of the world and have real starfish and sea creatures and even light up through the windows! You can have the colors custom selected as well!

These will be perfect gifts for any occasion or any person. Varying from animals, to baby things, religious items, oceans, music patriotic, western, holiday, and mythical creatures!

You know the candles that are beautiful, you can see the items coming from the inside of the wax and they are so beautiful and festive? The candle carvers do those too! These candles are made with real items varying from flowers to real candy canes! Perfect for any occasion!

The candle carvers would love for you to come visit their shop! You can even watch them make the candles right before your eyes! A family owned business that will be sure to let you have exactly what you want and have the perfect gift or souvenir that is perfect for any age!