Gatlinburg TN - Winter 2006 - Ober Gatlinburg

A ski trip in the wonderful Gatlinburg TN can be a great time for the whole family! Ober Gatlinburg ski resort is located on Ski Mountain in Gatlinburg. With the skiing and the ice skating rink, there is nothing more you could ask for. However, to ensure you have the best time possible, there are some guidelines you should follow.

You should always stay in control. You need to be able to stop and avoid objects and people safely. Never ski down a slope if you are not ready. You can endanger yourself and others. People that are ahead of you always have the right of way. It is your responsibility, not theirs, to avoid them.

Do not stop on a trail where you are in the way of other skiers. Also, do not stop where you can’t be seen from above. This may cause harm to you and others.

Whenever you are starting to ski downhill, look uphill and yield to other skiers. This also applies when merging into another trail.

You should always use devices that prevent runaway equipment. If you don’t, you could endanger others.

Always observe the posted signs and warnings. These are there for your safety. You should always keep off closed trails and out of closed areas. They are closed for a reason.
Before getting on a ski lift, you should know how and be able to properly load, ride and unload safely.

By following these few simple guidelines, your ski experience will be even better!
Ober Gatlinburg has eight ski trails, an ice rink, and night skiing available on seven trails. After a long day at the ski resort, you will want to return back to one of our warm, cozy Gatlinburg cabins, just minutes away! Call our office to check availability for your next ski trip!