Your Vacation Days

Are you, like thousands of other Americans, in desperate need of a vacation? Actually, roughyl half of the working population in the United States does not use up all of their vacation time. On average, roughly 8 days of vacation time was given up. Planning vacations for the year at the start of the year seem to help people take their vacation days instead of letting them go to waste. Most people live in towns that are just a short drive away from a large tourist towns so why are they not taking these short trips?
We think most Americans will plan major trips to places they will have to fly to. The cost of buying a plane ticket to and from a destination, renting a place to stay, paying for your mode of transportation, food, attractions, souvenirs, etc. will all add up. Most of the time these vacations cost people at least a thousand dollars. The average annual cost spent on vacations in America is roughly $6500. That’s a lot of money! No wonder people are choosing to work instead of taking the additional vacation days offered. They have to make up for the cost of their pricey vacations.
Did you realize that Gatlinburg TN is within driving distance of 2/3 of America? The average cost to rent one of our Gatlinburg cabins for a weekend is roughly $500! Gas, rent, and money for all the extra things to do will average roughyl $850. Those 8 vacation days that are generally wasted could turn into 4 weekends of fun, stress free times with your family or friends. Combined, those weekends wouldn’t even cost you the price of the more extravagant vacation!
Plan your vacations at the beginning of the year that way you’ll have an adequate amount of time to ask off and be approved for the needed dates. This will allow you to save more money for your vacation and make sure you are covered at your job. If you’re given vacation days take them, all of them. If you can, take a full week. A week in Gatlinburg TN would cost you on average roughly $1600. That’s with rent and all the other things we listed above.
All work and no play… doesn’t sound like fun to me. Not only is it not fun, it‘s also not good for your health. Vacations are proven to be good for your health. That’s just another reason to take a vacation. Why not make it Gatlinburg TN?