Celebrate Freedom in Pigeon Forge

In the United States, one of the biggest and most treasured of all values is the freedom we citizens experience on a regular basis. However, this freedom certainly does not come without a price. In order to retain rights to free speech and the like, millions of men and women must risk their lives overseas and on the shores of the nation itself. In light of this fact, the city of Pigeon Forge (a city sometimes known as the “All-American Getaway”) is showing its gratitude in a unique way to those who have fought for the USA by dedicating the whole of the month of August to these soldiers. This event is being called simply “Celebrate Freedom!”

In honor of this annual event and the people it recognizes, many local businesses will be offering discounts to both military veterans and active personnel. Law enforcement, emergency medical personnel, and fire fighters are also eligible for these savings. Brochures concerning these Celebrate Freedom discount packages are available at the Pigeon Forge Welcome Center. The discounts will apply to specified attractions, theaters, lodging, and restaurants throughout the city. All that is required of those who qualify is to possess their military service card.

Visitors of both military and none-military backgrounds are also encouraged to visit Patriot Park on Old Mill Avenue in downtown Pigeon Forge. This park is a firm testament to the dedication of those who serve to protect our country. It features a veteran's memorial to the many brave men and women of Sevier County who have been among the ranks of the US Military. The park, as well as the Celebrate Freedom event itself, are just two of the ways in which the city of Pigeon Forge shows its gratitude to the sacrifices made by these individuals, but they are both definitely two of the most exciting ways! You and your family should certainly are encouraged to join the festivities which help give back to the individuals celebrated by this unique event.