Activities For Guys in Gatlinburg TN

So, ladies, you and your partner have made plans to reserve one of the many Gatlinburg cabins in Gatlinburg TN near the Smoky Mountains. You’ve undoubtedly heard about what a unique and exciting place Gatlinburg can be, right? But, through all of this, you may still be wondering how to treat your partner to something special. Everyone knows that surprises make things that much more special, but what kind of sites and events does Gatlinburg hold that you can be sure will interest him? Well, here are a few tips for locations and events you can use to make your romantic getaway one that any guy would be sure to enjoy.

Gatlinburg Sportsman Club - Perfect for the outdoor lover in your family. Visitors will have the option to shoot skeet, targets, and pistols. Fishing is also available for individual people who want to fish.

Golf - This is an easy one for men and woman alike. Although you might not be able to attend with him, he is sure to love a round of golf on his Gatlinburg vacation. Plus, you will be able to take a few moments to yourself and maybe visit a spa or something.

Hollywood Star Cars Museum - This museum hosts 40 cars that have been immortalized in film, on TV, or by the people who own them. Notable examples include The General Lee from The Dukes Of Hazzard, the Jalopy from The Beverly Hillbillies, Elvis’ Lincoln, and more.

Rafting In The Smokies - If your man is the adventurous type, then this whitewater excursion will surely be right up his alley. The guides that accompany you on these trips are pure professional, so if your partner attempts to branch out on his own they’ll be able to reel him back in.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum - The museum that started the hit TV show is sure to be an equally big hit for any man! This is thanks in part to all the weird and exciting exhibits that are presented within this, the world’s most unusual museum.

Smoky Mountain Brewery And Restaurant - The perfect spot for both you and your partner to relax and enjoy an authentic taste of Gatlinburg. The freshly-brewed beer is excellent, and if your man enjoys wings, pretzels, or a good burger or steak, then he’ll feel right at home here.