Vintage Films in Gatlinburg TN

Gatlinburg TN is known for its originality with events that always seem to make a big impression in the small Smoky Mountain town. On Saturday September 12, 2009 Gatlinburg will be debuting a movie with classic film clips that will take you back in time to a nostalgic era when Gatlinburg, Tennessee was not as popular as it is today.

Gatlinburg is calling this film debut the "Vintage Views". The film clips used in the movie were actually taken from specific family home movies. The 80-minute film premier was produced by the Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound and will start playing at 7:00 PM in the Whaley Room at the Riverside Motor Lodge in downtown Gatlinburg Tennessee.

"Vintage Views" film is packed with edited footage of 16-millimeter film clips from several of the private homes and residents of the Smoky Mountain and Gatlinburg, Tennessee area. The film clips that are used were donated to the Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound by the families. The "Vintage Views" film is a pure celebration of the Great Smoky Mountains from before the national park was established through the first 40 years. The producers of the film, Reeves and Trott, will be there before the film to talk about their experiences as they produced this film.

Be sure to come early before the debut of the "Vintage Views" film because there will be a wine and cheese reception with live bluegrass music in the Skyview Room at 5:00 PM. There will also be a meet a "author session" at this reception. Tickets are $10.00. For more information call (865) 436-0500.