Gatlinburg TN - Fall Color

Fall color in Gatlinburg Tennessee is the best time of the year. All the reds, yellows, greens, and browns in the foliage of the Smoky Mountains makes a perfect setting for a vacation to Gatlinburg TN. Starting in about October and continuing through early December the leaves of all the shrubs and trees start changing colors to make a magnificent collage. If we had to guess, we would say that the peak time for seeing fall color in Gatlinburg TN is mid November. Although it depends some on the first frost, mid November is the ideal time for seeing the height of fall color.

If you are interested in vacationing to Gatlinburg during fall color season, you might want to consider renting a cabin as soon as possible. Although there is a building influx of Gatlinburg cabin rentals which might make it appear easier to book last minute, this is not the case during certain parts of the year. Besides the summer time, the next most visited time to Gatlinburg is during fall color. Despite the large number of cabins in Gatlinburg, the demand for cabins seems to out way the supply of cabins. There are certain times of the year that booking last minute in hopes of a deal are very possible, but the chance of this happening in fall color is very unlikely.

Booking the right cabin will help make viewing fall color more enjoyable. I have looked through our Gatlinburg cabins and decided to label a few of them as "Fall Color Friendly." Most of the ones that I list our private with a view of the mountains. However, I think that I included a few on the Little Pigeon River because of the atmosphere fall color will create on the river.