Kayak Fishing

If you love the outdoors, then while visiting Gatlinburg TN, be sure to try kayak fishing. Kayak fishing is a new but fast growing addiction. It combines the art of kayaking and fishing all in one enjoyable sport. Fishing from a kayak that sits only inches above the waterline gives the angler a sense of intimacy that can't be duplicated on larger boats or fishing from shore. Fishing from a kayak also takes away the sounds and vibrations from a motor, so it doesn’t disturb your sensitive fishing grounds. In a way it gives you a type of surprise attack. Also another benefit from kayak fishing is location. There are not many places on the rivers that a kayak will not fit. The kayaks are very easy to maintain and easy to maneuver. Another consideration is your choice of a boat. Sit-on-top kayaks are particularly well suited for fishing. These open-cockpit kayaks are stable designed not to roll over, and they have a lot of storage area for rods and other fishing gear. You may also want to buy some type of fishfinder or other type of underwater sonar. There are plenty of rivers and streams in Gatlinburg TN. We actually have several Gatlinburg cabins located on the Little Pigeon River in Gatlinburg Tennessee. Just because these cabin rentals are located on the Little Pigeon River, this does not mean that you (the customer) has the right to do anything you want. You still need to check out the laws and fishing licence requirements. These cabins include: