Contest Winner

About a month ago Cabins For You announced that we would be holding a photo contest in which the winner would walk away with $250. We’re proud to announce the winning picture we‘ve entitled “Chapel in The Snow“. The picture is shown above and the accompanying story is below:

This is a picture of a Wedding Chapel near the Over the Top Cabin on January 2,2010. I thought this was a cute little chapel and then as we headed home to Alabama it was snowing and I snapped this photo which I think makes the chapel even more beautiful!! Thanks for such a great trip to remember!! Sina

We liked that Sina’s picture and story portray a great experience she had during her holiday visit to The Smokies. The picture is brilliant, but the memory behind it is one that she’ll probably never forget. There are so many great reasons to vacation in The Smokies and we’re glad that Sina shared hers.

It was EXTREMELY DIFFICULT for us to choose a winner because there were so many great entries. We received such a great variety of fun photos that we really were torn on who to choose. We would like to thank everyone who entered, and everyone who “liked” the entries on Facebook. Our Facebook fans really did help in the selection process. Although the majority of the decision came from the Cabins For You staff, we were glad to see that our opinion closely matched yours. It helped us to make the tough decision.

We’ll be posting more on some of the other photos that were entered including a few honorable mentions that we loved. To view the submitted photos visit the Cabins For You Facebook page.

Cabins For You Contest Winner