Inspired To Hike

The Cabins For You staff members have long been fans of Wilderness Wildlife Week in Pigeon Forge, and this year it was tasked to me to visit the wonderful event. As I sat down to write what the experience had been like for me, I felt overcome with a sense of awe.

I was born a city girl. However, having moved to Tennessee I’ve begun to try and embrace nature and it’s many benefits. There is something highly rewarding about taking in the amazing view from a cabin in Pigeon Forge, breathing the clean air of the Smoky Mountains, and basking in all that is their beauty and grace. Although I have an appreciation of nature, this event inspired me to dig a little deeper and go a little further. I feel inspired to explore, and get more in tune with the breathtaking wildlife in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.

The reason for such inspiration is the wonderful representation of wildlife in the Wilderness Wildlife Week display room. While browsing through the many display tables I was fortunate enough to meet an Eagle, four owls, a very dangerous snake, and some pretty interesting people. The history surrounding Gatlinburg, and the spirit behind the Smokies were all conveyed at this event. We hope to post more about all that I learned in the near future.

During Wilderness Wildlife Week one can expect to hear from around 100 experts on subjects from nature, to hiking, to animals, to plants, to photography, and beyond. A combination of lectures, displays, and interactive presentations make for a great experience for people of all ages.

I can now see why our Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge cabin guests have visited Wilderness Wildlife Week in the past. What a wonderful event! To top it all off, the city of Pigeon Forge hosts the event for free.

Enjoy the adventure!

Cabins For You Staff Member