How Much Is A Picture Worth?

That’s right, Cabins For You is handing $250 to the winner of our Holiday photo contest. The Cabins For You staff is extremely excited about all of the entries that have been submitted thus far. We’ve enjoyed them so much that we wanted to share them with our blog readers. The photos below are lots of fun and are all great examples of what you could submit to our photo contest. Although we enjoy these pictures, they’re not necessarily on the top of our list, we just thought they’d be fun to share.

For our holiday giveaway we’re asking as many people as possible to submit a picture and it's description to [email protected]. The picture and story should have something to do with the Smoky Mountains and your family, friends, etc. We’re interested in the story behind the picture so feel free to be as warm and fuzzy, hilariously funny, or breathtakingly heroic as possible with the description.

For Full Details of the Contest Click Here.

After we ate at the Applebarn, some of the women wanted to go to the shops to look around. These are the kinds of pictures that you find when you leave the camera with the guys unattended.

Our first visit to Galinburg was wonderful. We stopped at so many wonderful shops and this was no exception. Its was a pottery shop and they had a wonderful duo playing mountain music outside. Beautiful day, beautiful music!

We didn’t see a bear in the wild but this one was sure hungry!