Gatlinburg Arts and Museums

While the main motivation behind any vacation is typically to escape from everyday worries and stress, one of the many secondary benefits is the ability to take in another area’s culture and way of life (in fact, this is good advice). Even if you are only traveling to another state, you’re bound to find some of those subtle differences that make the people’s way of living different from your own. This is just another way in which vacations let you escape from the ordinary. Gatlinburg offers so many unique cultural attractions that it would be impossible to see them all at one time. However, one way to get the most culture out of your visit is to explore the area’s many museums and art galleries, which will open up doors into other cultural worlds.

For example, to get a feel for the Smoky Mountain way of life, you might choose to visit the Paul Murray Museum. Murray’s art, which captures the many aspects of the Southern Appalachian lifestyle, is here on display for all to experience. From the skillfully depicted wrinkled faces of elderly farmers to the bright smiles of young girls, Murray’s art gives visitors a lens through which to gaze into the culture that surrounds the region, making it a must-see for anyone fascinated by mountain culture.

You might also be interested in visiting the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. Not only does this facility host workshops and classes in the arts, but it also features a gallery consisting of an extensive art collection and many pieces done by some of the locals who have studied there. This is sure to be a treat for anyone who wants to see how the denizens of the Smokies approach their art.

Also, the famous Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum and the Guinness World of Records Museum are both located in Gatlinburg. While the culture they exhibit is not strictly that of the Smokies, both locations feature a wide variety of different cultures and ways of life that are incredibly diverse and broad! Checking out one or both of these sites is sure to be a cultural awakening, if not flat-out culture shock.

Gatlinburg TN is one city with a wide variety of cultural outlets. The museums and art galleries of the area are just one way of experiencing what makes the Smoky Mountains region so unique!