Gatlinburg Candy

One of the guiding principles of a good vacation is to treat yourself every once in a while (or more, if the desire strikes you). So, after a long day of exploring the various sights and sounds of Gatlinburg, you might be wondering where to go to reward yourself for time well spent. If your belly is growling and your sweet tooth is calling, then you should definitely shift your focus to one of the city's many candy and sweets shops. These are especially nice locations for you to take your younger children to, and it will help them remember your family vacation for a long time to come. Also, the fact that many of the stores in the area feature homemade treats will ensure that you are getting an authentic taste of Gatlinburg!

To start your sweet shop excursion, you might try Aunt Mahalia's Candies, the oldest candy store in the area. For over fifty years (since 1939 to be exact) this location has been providing chocolate, taffy, fudge, various pecan-based candies, crunchy brittle, fruit jellies, and other assorted treats to its patrons. The Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen is another well-known and much-loved candy store of the city. Here you can get taffy, caramel apples, hand-dipped chocolate, and more made right before your eyes! This will definitely be a sight to remember for you and your family.

Looking for a specific kind of treat? Then you should turn to one of Gatlinburg's specialty sweet shops. If fudge is your sweet tooth's weakness of choice, then it is definitely recommended to check The Fudgery. This location revolutionized the fudge-making process back in 1980, and the Gatlinburg store is ready to treat you with the fruits of the shop's labor. If you're a popcorn fan, then how about exploring the Karmelkorn Shoppe for a wide variety of gourmet popcorn types?

Whether you're enjoying one of these fine treats yourself or just looking for something your children will love, let one of Gatlinburg's fine candy shops be your one-stop shop for pleasure. After all, part of the fun of a vacation is treating yourself, right? These shops can certainly help you achieve that goal!