Cabin Description

In the vacation or travel industry, all owners understand the same terms. Sometimes, through no fault of their own, guests get lost in the vacation cabin rental lingo. And in all fairness, there can be reasonable confusion between private and secluded, or wooded view and mountain view, and maybe even maybe Jacuzzi Tub and Hot Tub. This can be especially true for the Gatlinburg TN industry.

The reason for some many terms is to help distinguish between so many different cabins. If a rental company manages 100 properties it can be very difficult to separate cabins for marketing purposes. Thus, the advent of many separate terms.

These terms can be somewhat tricky from company to company depending on their definitions. So at all cost, remember question are your friend. As for Cabins For You, the definitions for a few terms are going to be listed below.
  1. Private vs Secluded - No, not all cabins can easily fall into either of these categories. Obviously, if a cabin is in a resort it is not going to be either. With that said, we label cabins "private" because guests should feel comfortable on the decks of cabins. This does not mean that cabins are not next door or around, this just means that the owner might have added a few extras to insure privacy. This can be done easily through landscaping or lattice walls. "Secluded" cabins can attain this label because of a few things. From the deck you will not be able to see other cabins, the cabin is not physically near any cabins, or both. Very few cabins will fall totally within in the "secluded" category.
  2. Wooded View or Mountain View - "Mountain view" cabins are typically cabins that have unobstructed, long range mountain views. This does not mean that "wooded view" cabins have no mountain view. Rather, it might be obstructed by trees/shubbery or only visible during winter months.
  3. Internet vs Wireless - All wireless connections are internet connections, but not all internet connections are wireless. For a cabin to be wireless, it must state specifically that it is wireless.
  4. Jacuzzi Tub vs Hot Tub - For the most part, hot tubs are located outside on the deck and Jacuzzi Tubs are in the cabin. A popular place for Jacuzzi Tubs is the master bedrooms. All hot tubs are outside unless specifically stated on the cabin page.