Winter Safety Tips for Gatlinburg

Anyone acquainted with the weather patterns of the South knows how erratic they can be. The weather in Gatlinburg can sometimes get just as crazy as other parts of the South, so there are definitely some facts that need to be known about the region’s weather in order to better enjoy its sites and environment. As fall slowly fades and winter starts to shows its ugly head (and inconsistent), all Gatlinburg visitors should be aware of a few things.

In particular, winter is one time of the year when knowing what you’re getting yourself into while vacationing in Gatlinburg can be especially helpful. Highs in winter time usually tend towards the high 40s, but can occasionally creep their way into the upper 50s during December and February. Monthly lows have been noted to consistently fall into the low 20s.

When most people think about winter in the mountains, heavy snowfall is probably one of the first things that come to mind. While the lower regions of Gatlinburg can sometimes defy this trend, the issue of how to deal with heavy snow still holds mostly true for the areas of higher elevation. If you’re planning to visit or stay at a location in these upper parts (which includes many Gatlinburg cabins--ours and other companies), you should plan accordingly for snowfall, ice, and the like. Considering the mountainous quality of the terrain, tire chains are often a must in order to navigate many of the roads around the area. Dressing in layers is also recommended for anyone visiting Gatlinburg in the winter time. Winter weather can sometimes cause traffic delays on major roads such as Highway 441, so when making a wintertime trek up to the Smoky Mountains utilizing alternate routes is often advisable.

If the weather conditions appear dangerous, consider calling someone who might be able to help. Some options include the Tennessee DOT and your cabin management company.

Also, when looking at Gatlinburg cabins to rent for your stay, never underestimate the power of a large fireplace! This way you’ll be able to beat the winter weather even when staying indoors. Ultimately, the many activities and special events that occur in Gatlinburg during wintertime make it an exciting place to visit, so preparing properly for the winter weather can help you balance safety with pleasure.