Stand Here Fireworks Finale 2009

As our country continues to move through difficult economic times and two wars, what better way to celebrate our countries independence than watching a beautiful fireworks shows. Watch as hundreds of fireworks light up the sky of downtown Gatlinburg Tennessee near Pigeon Forge and the Smoky Mountains.

"Stand Here" Fireworks Finale is a wonderful fireworks show celebrating the United States independence. "Stand Here" will be held on the Saturday July 4, 2009. Like years past, the show will start around nightfall and last roughly 20 minutes. Several portions of the show will feature rocket bursts upwards of 500 feet in the air.

There are several Gatlinburg cabins overlooking the parkway or located in downtown that will add ease to watching the fireworks show. Despite the great locations of some cabins, the best place to watch the fireworks show is on the parkway in downtown Gatlinburg TN. The show will be held between traffic light 3 and the Sky Lift.

Make sure to arrive early because the Parkway will be packed with thousands of tourists awaiting a beautiful celebration. Don't worry about passing the time! Enjoy some window shopping through all the local stores and shops to help pass the time.

Come to Gatlinburg TN and celebrate this years "Stand Here" Fireworks Finale.