Drop in Weddings

Valentine’s Day has always been a popular day for couples everywhere to take a plunge and say “I do,” and Gatlinburg has always been a top spot to have a Valentine’s Day wedding. This year was a different story. In reality, the economy should have added weddings not taken them away.

With the economy not showing any signs of getting better, the size and number of weddings has gradually decreased in the Eastern Tennessee town of Gatlinburg TN. Weddings in a time of recession has less guests, less flowers and less photos. After Valentine’s Day this year Dr. Steve Taylor, the manager of Sugarland Weddings in Gatlinburg, said that he believed the hard economic times are just causing more couples to cut back what they had envisioned for their very special and important day. Even though Sugarland has two chapels the smaller chapel is booking way more, just because it is less expensive.

Everyone understands that the wedding day is the most important day for a woman’s life…beside the birth of her children. What most need to realize is how much cheaper a wedding in Gatlinburg TN can be. Regardless of the cost, Gatlinburg TN does a fantastic job with people wanting to get married and honeymooners.

Hard economic times do call for drastic measures. These times call for more frugal spending not for people to stop spending. Keeping this philosophy in mind will help when planning you next wedding.