Celebrate Santa

Santa doesn’t come out only once a year! He, and plenty more like him, will be in Gatlinburg TN from March 16-18, 2009. Even he knows that Gatlinburg TN is a great place to visit. Hundreds of Santa Clauses and Mrs. Clauses will be heading to the Gatlinburg Convention Center for the 2009 Santa Central convention. They will be bringing some of their elves and even reindeer so this would be a fun time to visit with younger children or the young at heart.

The genuine Mr. and Mrs. Clause will be there too! Bet you can’t guess which one it is? They will be having workshops perfecting their Santa skills on everything from Santa visits to the wardrobe techniques. It’s not an easy job being Santa! This convention is open to anyone who thinks they would want to be a Santa. This convention helps all to be a better Santa.

Reindeer will be there as well! Breeders will be bringing them in for all to see and learn about. A Holly and Shamrock gala will also occur. You can buy Santa suits if you wanted to. Mrs. Clause’s will also have clothing for sale if you saw something that caught you eye. On Tuesday a silent auction will occur and it benefit’s the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital and Santa-America.org. There will be art, food and crafts at the Santa’s Showcase along with jewelry, clothing, belts, boots and even the beards Santa is famous for! There will also be plenty of gifts you can buy for Christmas presents as well!

Santa will also have a parade! There will be many sleighs riding through downtown as well as a band full of Santa’s! Local marching bands will also be in the parade. Be sure you get a good seat to see the Cyber Sleigh as it rides by! The grabs your attention with all it’s lights, hydraulic system and “sheer crowd-stopping mega-wattage”. Many local stores are also entering in their floats to make the parade even more pleasing to your sight!

If you’ll be staying in one of our many Gatlinburg cabins at this time then you will not want to miss this celebration and parade! Santa knows Gatlinburg is the best place to visit and you should too! If you haven’t booked a cabin yet call one of our reservationists today!