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Every family needs a vacation. Things can get very hectic around school, work and little league. There are many places to choose from and you, as the vacationer, get the fun of deciding where to go. Two of the most popular vacation spots are the mountains and the beach. We have spent some time researching the 20 most popular reasons why you should come to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge TN as opposed to vacationing at beach.

  1. You get a view of more than just water. Yeah, water can be cool. However, have you ever woke up early to watch the sunrise over the mountains.
  2. Rent for a cabin is often cheaper than beach houses. Regardless of the property amenities, you pay an extra premium for the beach.
  3. Who really wants sand in their shorts?
  4. The weather in the mountains is not as hot. More comfortable for younger kids and the elderly.
  5. The air is less humid in the mountains.
  6. Fresh air from the mountains.
  7. You could get a secluded cabin in the mountains. Most beach property or condo property is very populated.
  8. You can go skiing and snowboarding available at Ober Gatlinburg.
  9. Mountain streams and rivers. Great for fishing.
  10. You can’t truly enjoy the beach during the winter.
  11. Mountain scenery provides more of a photographic backdrop.
  12. Hiking, biking, camping, and climbing.
  13. You can explore the mountains. The Smoky Mountains have more than 800 miles of hiking.
  14. Instead of wild parties at the beach you get wild animals in the mountains.
  15. The possibility of snow.
  16. No need to tan for a mountain vacation.
  17. No need to buy a new bikini.
  18. More family oriented things to do.
  19. By renting a cabin you avoid the noisy neighbors above or below your condo/hotel room.
  20. The mountains are more family oriented environment than the beach.

Of course, the choice is ultimately yours. Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge TN are within driving distance for two thirds of the United States. You could save money as well by driving to the mountains. Once you’ve made your choice that a trip to the mountains is the way to go call Cabins For You to plan your vacation today. You can speak to one of our reservation specialist at 1-800-684-7865.