Fall Foliage in Gatlinburg

Starting around September 15 through roughly November 15, fall foliage will be at its peak. Fall is right around the corner and with fall comes the fall foliage. Starting in September visitors will be able to see the leaves changing into their beautiful colors all around the Great Smokey Mountain National Park. Of course, the foliage isn’t as vibrant in September as it is in October. The fall foliage is what attracts most people to the area between September and November. The colors start peaking out mid-September and become more noticeable throughout the next couple of months.
In September a traveler can expect sunshine during the day but with cooler temperatures. The changing colors of the leaves will be more noticeable in the lower elevations due to the chemical processes brought on by the cool of the night. Days will become shorter and nights will become longer in September. Most of the colors of the leaves will be green in September but the Sourwood trees, maple trees, and birch trees will start turning the vibrant yellows, oranges and reds before the rest of the trees. Most of the colors will be noticed in the flowers at this point in time.
In October the weather cools down significantly as fall progresses. Days are still nice and sunny but the night time brings temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s. October shows more color change throughout The Smokey Mountains as well. The yellows and reds become more prominent in the beech and birch trees. The main color change is still at the lower elevations at the beginning of October. At the first part of October the mountains are still predominantly green but as the end of October closes the mountains start reflecting the red of the trees. As October presses forward the colors of the leaves turn more radiant shades of red, orange, gold and yellow and very few trees still have green on them.
November still sees some of the fall foliage but with “Old Man Winter” coming upon November the colors are as vibrant as they are in the October days. You can still see the reds in the mountains but the frost from the cold is taking the color away. The first part of November will still welcome you with the fall foliage if you’re planning a trip to the Smokey’s around that time. The temperatures in November start getting chilly and jackets might be a necessity for you to pack. By the end of the month the trees will have shaken off a majority of their leaves and a winter wonderland awaits you.