Black Bear Habitat and Nocturnal House

Everyone loves to watch and enjoy animals in their natural habitat. For some reason it exciting going to the zoo or the aquarium. Watching the bears, tigers or monkeys play around and interact with their species is always worth the wait and price of admission. Searching for the sneaky sea turtles is always fun at local aquariums. As most of our child hood memories return to us about our trips to the local zoos or aquariums, its time to think about coming to Gatlinburg TN and enjoying the new Black Bear Habitat and Nocturnal house. After the aquarium in downtown Gatlinburg TN, the Black Bear Habitat and Nocturnal House will be the next most exciting exhibit around town. The Black Bear Habitat and Nocturnal House at Ober Gatlinburg will feature various species of native wildlife such as raccoons, skunks, flying squirrels, turtles, snacks and, of course, black bears. Future expansions will consist of an aquatic exhibit displaying some of the creatures found in the rivers of the Smoky Mountains. Eventually river otters, bobcat, fox and other native species will also have homes at this new facility. The price of admission is $4.00 and is located at Ober Gatlinburg which can be reached from traffic light number 10 in downtown Gatlinburg TN.