Scottish Festival and Games

Gatlinburg TN will be hosting it’s 27th annual Scottish Festival and Games this year. The festivities will take place on May 16th and last till May 18th at the Mills Park in Gatlinburg Tennessee. The Gatlinburg Scottish Festival and Games is a non-profit organization, that the state of Tennessee puts on yearly. This year the organization will be hosting twenty six games. The Gatlinburg community sets the celebration off with a mountain stroll and then with a parade down the parkway in downtown Gatlinburg TN. The event is an open invitation to all Scots. After the parade be sure to attend the Gala reception at 8:00 at the Ramada Inn. Both Saturday and Sunday events include; a all day Ceilidh (Scottish music Festival), athletics, a heritage seminar, bag pipe performances and competitions along with a dance competitions. Colin Grants - Adams, Lona and the Celtic group, local Scottish and Celtic musicians from all around the area will be performing in the Lowland Ceilidh Tent. Take time to stop by the tent to listen to the traditional pipes and bags. Be sure to bring the kids along with you! There are tons of activities for the kids to enjoy. They will enjoy the newly added “kids kastle”. Not only is the Scottish Festival for the Scottish community, but the public is more than welcome to participate in the festivities.
The Clan Challenge Highland athletic competition will be held on Saturday. Games include wrestling, manhood stones and kilted miles. The festival will teach you all about the Scottish traditions and their heritage. There will be plenty of vendors there with a variety of Scottish items like clothing, jewelry, music and food. More than 60 clans will be attending this years Scottish Festival and Games.
The parade on Sunday features all clans represented at the festival. Each clan will march with their banners symbolic of their clan society. The festival will end with “Ceilidh Under the Stars”, beginning at 8:00 p.m. This last Scottish celebration will include all entertainers from the day events. The night will be filled with music, exciting events, and fellowship. A one day pass for Saturday/Sunday is $15.00, two day passes are - $20.00. Children 12 and under are free.
While vacationing in Gatlinburg TN, be sure to take the time to stop by the Mill Park and participate in the Scottish Festival. It will be an experience that you will never forget.