Mountain Hounds Weekend

Summer may be creeping up on some of us, but not on the event planners for Gatlinburg Tennessee. This year on May 29- June 1 you might be seeing a lot of Greyhounds with their proud owners. That weekend is the Mountain Hounds Weekend in Gatlinburg TN. If you’re a Greyhound lover, owner or just a canine enthusiast then you’re in for a real treat. This weekend “getaway” attracts around 250 Greyhounds and their owners. Most of the activities will be held at Mynatt Park at traffic light 8 in downtown Gatlinburg TN. Go watch and visit with all these friendly Greyhounds and their owners. The Mountain Hounds Weekend is actually being sponsored by Greyhound Friends of North Carolina. They are a charity who places retired racing Greyhounds into good homes who will take care of these dogs and love them. The money raised that weekend go toward housing, feeding and medical expenses of these beloved dogs.

The Greyhounds at this event are retired racing hounds who have been adopted into families. The new owners show their dogs off and allow to you ask questions and help you out if you are interested in becoming an adoptive parent of a well-deserving Greyhound. There will be a photographer taking pictures of the event and will be selling a CD of all pictures taken for only $20 and a portion of that will go towards Greyhound Friends of North Carolina. There will be many activities going on that weekend such as nature walks, walking tours, costume contest for the Greyhounds and a race. There will be so much excitement going on and anyone of any age will be sure to enjoy it. Who knows? You might end up leaving with your very own adopted retired Greyhound. Call today to book one of our Gatlinburg cabin rentals if this seems to be your type of thing. Remember, dogs are a man’s best friend.