Hollywood Wax Museum

While visiting Gatlinburg Tennessee and renting one of our Gatlinburg cabins, you need to do something that’s completely out of the ordinary. How about taking a trip to the Hollywood Wax Museum. The Hollywood Wax Museum opened in 1966 in Hollywood California. Now there are three locations, one in Hollywood, one in Branson, and one in Gatlinburg Tennessee. At every one of the locations you can expect to find life-size wax replicas of your favorite stars. You may see anyone from Julia Roberts to Harrison Ford. You will be blown away at how much these wax replicas look like the Hollywood stars. The Hollywood Wax Museum only has exhibits of the most famous people in Hollywood and this is why thousands of people from around the world come to see these amazing replicas. These wax replicas are very complex. It takes up to three months just to complete one beautiful sculpture. In order for these wax replicas to be perfect, sculptors use real pictures to define the exact shapes of the wax replicas. It takes about 56,000 bees just to make enough wax to make the head of the sculpture. The sculptor makes the body by looking at the still pictures in the exact pose that the sculptor is building. The making of these wax replicas is a very hard and complex job. The museum is open 365 days of the year from 8am to midnight so there is no need to worry about when you might be able to attend The Hollywood Wax Museum. The Hollywood Wax Museum does accommodate birthday parties, schools and all other large groups. Just contact the Hollywood Wax Museum in Gatlinburg, TN at 865-430-1800.