Things To Think About

The last thing that anyone would want to consider when renting one of our Gatlinburg cabins is what to do during an emergency event. At any other time of the year, emergency phone calls made to our reservation office are no big deal. During holiday seasons, the handling of emergency events for Cabins For You has a slightly different protocol. What we all must remember, is that Christmas, thanksgiving, and 4th of July are holidays and special times for our workers as well.

Unfortunately, while renting one of our Gatlinburg cabins, not all unplanned circumstances are emergencies. While we at Cabins For You strive to improve that quality of our customers stay, we still must keep our workers interest at hand. If there is an emergency during a major holiday we will still answer emergency phone calls and provide services if they are true emergencies. For instance, these emergencies include: Broken water pipes, frozen water pipes or no running water, no heat, stove or refrigerator not working. If there is any life threatening emergency, call 911 immediately. Things that are not emergencies include: Hot tub not heating, broken microwave, remote control not working, light bulbs missing, cable not working, etc… Despite how hard we try to prevent power outages, this is one circumstance (emergency) that we have no control over. We understand how disappointing this event might be, but we are at the mercy of the power companies in Gatlinburg TN. We will however call the power company for you if this unfortunate event happens during your stay.

During the Holiday season, we ask that we all (including Cabins For You) stay understanding and forgiving because things break and malfunction. What we can promise, is that if you have an emergency, we will do our best to fix or rectify the situation regardless of time or day.