Camp Thunder in Gatlinburg TN

Located so close to many of our Gatlinburg TN cabins, Camp Thunder Fun Center has many activities that you can participate in with your family or large group. These activities include Indoor Go Karts, The Rock, and Indoor Mini Golf. Camp Thunder also offers vacation packages like “do everything twice” pass. You and your family can enjoy many different activities as you spend quality time together.

Camp Thunder will be the only place in Gatlinburg TN you will be able to find an indoor go kart slick track. You and your family will be able to race up to 40 laps around the slick track of speeds up to 25 mph. You won’t have to worry about your children in the go karts because they have the industry’s best safety features. The go karts are also gas powered so you won’t ever have to worry about your battery dying. There are also family size go karts so that the smaller children will also be able to ride with an adult. There is also a pretend steering wheel so that the children can drive along! Taking your family to race go karts at Camp Thunder would be an adventure for everyone.

The Rock is another attraction that Camp Thunder has to offer you and your family. The rock is a virtual-reality motion simulator. When in The Rock you will be able to watch two featured adventure movies. The two movies you would be able to chose from would be “Slot Car Boogie” and “Volcano Mine Ride”. The screen itself actually moves too! You will be able to feel the excitement in The Rock.

Camp Thunder also offers indoor mini golf. The golf course gives you the feeling of being outdoors with the comfort of being indoors. The golf holes differ in difficulty and all ages can play. You will not find two holes exactly alike. You may shoot up a hill or down a hill or possibly even through a log cabin. Inside the course, there is also waterfalls and some wildlife for you to enjoy. Indoor Mini Golf is perfect for you to just go and play alone or even bring the whole family.

Camp Thunder has many attractions for you and your family to enjoy. So the next time that you are in Gatlinburg TN renting one of our Gatlinburg cabins, purchase the vacation package to do everything twice for only $14.95 a person. Call Camp Thunder today at (865) 430-7223 and get your tickets for your family vacation! There are so many things to do in Gatlinburg TN. Consider our cabins in Gatlinburg and Camp Thunder.