Bear Safety in Gatlinburg Tennessee

With fall fastly approaching on Gatlinburg Tennessee Cabins For You feels the need to talk about one major concern of ours and the city of Gatlinburg TN. Bear Safety is a top priority of ours and all of the Smoky Mountain area. With more animals less visible to the bears because of winter, the Bears of Gatlinburg TN will be more likely to visit cabins and raid trash cans. From what we can tell, there is a 50/50 chance that you will encounter a bear. Because of this, we ask that you follow a few rules and tips listed below. These are not gauranteed to work. We are not professionals. If there is an emergency, call the police.
One of the most important things you can remember when visiting the Smoky Mountains and Gatlinburg is that the area is home to many wild animals, including a lot bears. Bear safety is a very important thing to take note of while in the Smoky Mountain area. Although an attack is rare, bears can attack a human at any given moment. If you see a bear at a distance, do not approach it, the closer you get to the bear the more it’s behavior will change. Some signs that you are too close to a bear would be: if the bear stops eating, watches you closely or changes it’s path, that’s your signal to back away. Aggressive and more dangerous behaviors include: swatting the ground, making loud noises or running toward you. If this happens, just remember to back away slowly from the bear, never run. Increasing the distance between you, causes the bear to do the same and it lets him know that you will not hurt him. If the bear does not show any aggressive signs but starts to follow you or approach you, try to change your direction as quickly as possible. If this does work, try to talk loudly or shout at the bear aggressively. Never act scared of the bear. If you happen to be in a group, make the group look as large as possible. Move to higher ground, throw rocks or sticks at the bear, try anything to intimidate it more.

Another great rule to remember for bears is to never leave food out for a bear. In fact, you can be fined by the city of Gatlinburg TN $500 for this act. Please follow this rule. This will only cause more problems. Most injuries to humans are minor and are only caused by the bear just wanting something to eat. If a bear is showing interest in your food, separate yourself from the food and the bear. To avoid bears at the campsite, do not attract them. Keep sleeping and eating areas separate from each other. If your tents or sleeping bags have even the slightest food odor, this could still attract a bear. Remember not to store soap, toothpaste, food, etc. in your tent. Keep your campsite clean. Do not litter or leave garbage around the campsite, or your cabin.

If a bear attack does happen be sure to fight back very aggressively. Fight the bear off with anything you have. Also remember to report any bear attacks to authorities as soon as possible. Bear safety is very important and these tips could possibly save your life, or someone else’s. The things that we discussed above are only tips. We are not professionals and we cannot predict what might actually happen. Please, if you ever encounter a bear and are in need of assistance, call the police.