Gatlinburg TN Ripley's Attractions - New Additions

While in Gatlinburg TN, one should stop and take a tour of the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum. Along with it’s usual display of all things odd, they have expanded to bring you even more oddities. Ever wonder exactly how tall the world’s tallest man is? The people at Ripley’s thought you might. There is an actual wax replica of the world’s tallest man. Stand next to it to see how you compare. Near that exhibit is a place where guests can clone their own hands into wax. Shrunken heads interest you? They’ve got them. Anything for you to feast your eyes upon and gawk at in amazement is there. They’ve expanded to bring you interactive displays for everything from lights to leaves and even bubbles. For a little bit more odd go check out the cow manure art. Yes, cow manure. See which celebrities faces are debuted upon the cow patties. Another true talent brought to you by Ripley’s in Gatlinburg TN. A painting a man drew while he was swimming! Must have used water color. Don’t let the word “museum” throw you off though, Ripley’s is not the typical boring museum you may think of. It’s an odditorium. So, when taking in all the fresh air and breathtaking sights of Gatlinburg TN don’t neglect to go visit the staff and exhibits at the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum. Cabins For You has many cabins in Gatlinburg TN and few within walking distance of Ripley’s of Gatlinburg. Don’t be the only one who hasn’t seen it. Call today our office at 1.800.684.7865 and see which one of our Gatlinburg cabins are within walking distance of Ripley's Museum.