Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant

While you’re staying in the Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge-Sevierville area, check out the Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant! This restaurant cooks you good ol’ country cooking, for not very much money. The building is surrounded by apple trees, which causes it to have a beautiful view. The Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant is a quaint, wonderful place to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner! The restaurant starts everyone off with their great tasting apple-fritters. They also have famous Southern fried chicken. Be sure to take to trip to try these wonderful foods!

The original farmhouse was located on Apple Valley Road, which was the main road between Sevierville and Gatlinburg at the time. The farmhouse was burned at this site, and was replaced by a six-room house in 1921. The six-room house stands as the center-piece of the restaurant today, in which you can see built-in oak furniture in the original living room and dining room. In 1972, two families bought the 65 acre property. They operated it as a beef cattle and tobacco farm until 1976, when they began turning it into apple orchards. In 1986, the families called an enterprise company, which managed some of Gatlinburg’s finest restaurants. They created Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant by expanding the original six-room farmhouse.

For breakfast, the restaurant serves food like pancakes, waffles, eggs, toast, bacon, sausage, country ham, country fried steak, and country fried pork chops. They also have combinations of these items, the Farmhouse Special.

For lunch and dinner, they serve chicken, steak, trout, pork chops, catfish, ham, turkey, and ribs, along with others as well. The restaurant also serves salads, sandwiches, vegetables, along with some breakfast foods (only served at lunch). Desserts are served to satisfy your sweet tooth! There is also a children’s menu available for smaller stomachs!

Next time you are in the area, visit the Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant! With locations in Gatlinburg TN and Sevierville, you will be bound to eat some country cooking. In order to visit, you will need some place to stay! Call our office or book online to reserve your cabin today!