Gatlinburg Flower Walk

Imagine a beautiful calming walk through a beautiful wooded area surrounded by the natural beauty of dozens of different types of flowers. At the Gatlinburg Forest Floral walk you can see all that the mountains have to offer. You are escorted by a trained guide through the Smoky Mountains up trails and beside breathtaking views. You are free to take the tour at your own pace and the trail is ranked medium at best. Your worries are at a minimum, your lunch is provided as well as snacks through out the entire day. You are free to stop as you please and even take pictures as you see fit! Capture your memories in any way you desire. And there will be plenty of memories to capture!

While you enjoy the serenity of being in the beauty that surrounds you, you will be told stories of Appalachian folk lore and tall tales, as well as tales of how the early Appalachians survived in the climate and how they lived. Learn about the life styles and the history. Hear story after story, and fall in love with the mountains for a whole different reason. Enjoy the day hiking through the guided tour and take a moment to stop and smell the flowers!

Tours depart at 9:00 am on Tuesday Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All months from April through May. So come and see the natural beauty of Gatlinburg TN and magnificent mountains that surround it!