Miracle Theater

Are you interested in seeing a spectacular show during your stay in the Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge area? Take a visit to see the shows at The Miracle Theater! The Miracle is a surprising musical presentation of the life of Jesus Christ told in epic proportion. You will be in wonder after seeing this miraculous show. The range of the show is amazing. From centurion soldiers on horseback to kings on camels; this magnificent show will keep you wanting to come back for years to come. As the show starts, you will see a exhibition of the beginning of creation. The shows goes on showing the fingerprints of Christ through the Old Testament, then comes to the birth of Jesus Christ. As this scene is being illustrated, you will experience angels flying overhead. When Jesus calms the sea, you will feel the wind and the rain. During Christ’s ascension back to His Father, you will get to experience the thrill and the glory. The Miracle will inspire you and renew your sprit. Do not miss out on this indescribable show!

The Triumphant Quartet also puts on a show in the mornings. These Godly young men have awesome voices and will lift you up. They sing old Gospel style and you’re sure to enjoy them. The toe-tapping rhythm, perfect pitch, and precise harmony, the Triumphant Quartet will keep you entertained, while also inspiring you. Each song will put a smile on your face, and also those of your family’s. The men of the quartet know and believe what they are singing, so that just makes listening to them ten times better. In addition to the four-part-male harmony, you will get to experience clapping along with the most remarkable pianist in the Smokies!

Each of the shows would be a marvelous experience. If time allows, you could see both! Don’t miss out on these spectacular events! Call our office or reserve online to book a cabin today in order to see these wonderful shows!