Great American Gas Giveaway

Everyone loves free stuff right? And with today’s high gas prices everyone loves free gas. But where would you find free gas? Well Pigeon Forge TN of course! With Pigeon Forge’s Great gas giveaway people from al over the U.S. and even Canada and the U.K. are getting $30.00 in free gas. What do you have to do to be eligible? Well that’s the greatest part. All you have to do is show up! Pigeon forge is randomly selecting people in the city to grant $30.00 in gas. Half of the states in the u.s. Have had recipients of this city’s generosity. What would spark such a sudden great idea as this? Well Pigeon Forge would like to thank all the people that help to support it and to help them have a great time in their beloved city. Who runs it? Well the gas patrol is made up of employees and volunteers as well as business owners from all over the city. Basically, all the people that are responsible for the great times to be had in the city that you love so much.

The giveaway started memorial day weekend and will run the length of the summer. All together the giveaway will grant some 8,500 gallons of gasoline. That’s enough to fill an entire tanker truck! The giveaways could happen anywhere the gas patrol travels all over the city to hotels, restuarants and popular attractions. Anywhere could be a gas giveaway location!

O.K. so summer is over. We all agree on that. So why worry about the giveaway now? Well that is simple. The giveaway is not over! The gas patrol had so much fun and everyone was so thrilled with the results that they wanted to find a way to extend the giveaway. So here is what they do. For example, you might visit and you might click on great gas giveaway icon and they might send you a scratch off ticket and then you might win $30.00 in gas. But of course that was only hypothetical situation. Pigeon forge, at the end of this leg of the giveaway, will grant another $1,000.00 to their great giveaway.