Gatlinburg TN Hosts Annual Halloween Events

Halloween, a time that you actually want to be scared, is this month. In Gatlinburg, there are attractions that will scare the pants off you! Plan to take a trip to the Gatlinburg TN in the Smoky Mountains to satisfy your need to be frightened.

The Haunted Ghost Tours of Gatlinburg guarantees you will see paranormal happenings, so do not forget your camera. You will want all your friends to believe you, right? This walking tour is one mile long, lasting ninety minutes. You will stroll down alleys and streets, hearing stories along the way. The stories are unexplained and very strange, so prepared to be alarmed.
There are a number of haunted hotels and buildings in downtown Gatlinburg. You will also hear about a horrendous murder committed in one of the famous hotels, and the security guard and girl who haunt it today. You will be told the story of a man who bought a slave girl to live with him and how he buried her behind his house. She still oversees the building today. Listen to the haunting tale of a man who made a mistake and has yet to pay his due. Last but not least, you will take a walk through a frightful cemetery that was built in 1830. The Haunted Ghost Tours of Gatlinburg will not only scare you, but it will be the highlight of your trip!

Another famous attraction is Ripley’s Haunted Adventures in Gatlinburg. This is another recommended attraction that will scare you! Also, Ripley’s hosts the Fright Nights of Halloween throughout October. They are every weekend, plus October 30th and 31st. These start at 6:13 pm through closing. This will guarantee you being frightened during your stay in Gatlinburg for Halloween. You should expect the unexpected when you visit Ripley’s Haunted Adventures.
These two attractions are must-sees of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, especially during the Halloween season. Of course, you’ll need somewhere to stay, and you will not want to stay in a haunted hotel! Call our office to speak with a reservationist about booking a cabin today!