Gatlinburg Mountain Mall

If you are a big shopper and are staying with us in one of our Gatlinburg cabins, visit the Gatlinburg Mountain Mall. The theme of the shopping center is the mountains. Every detail is decorated, from the walls to the trash cans. As you walk around, you will listen to mountain music, which is recorded by local bands. Authentic mountain folk paraphernalia surrounds the two indoor water fountains. This mall would be a treat to see, even if you do not buy anything!

The walls of the mall are lined with displays and pictures celebrating the history of Gatlinburg TN and the Ogle Family, which manages, and also owns, the Mountain Mall. These pictures include random pictures of the town and Ogle’s General Store. Ogle’s General Store was founded in 1850 and was moved to the location of the Mountain Mall in 1910. An old delivery truck of the family store, a 1934 Ford Model A, can be seen on display in the mall.
Some of the items in the mall include Home-made candy, food, Hand-made jewelry, crafts, movies, music, leather goods, books, magic tricks, pipes, quilts, dolls, toys, along with many other items. There is something that interests everyone in the whole family! Make sure you make a trip to shop and see this mall!

If you need a Gatlinburg cabin to stay in while you visit the Gatlinburg TN Mountain Mall, call our office to reserve a rentals today!