NASCAR speed park in Pigeon Forge TN has several tracks that you will enjoy. The NASCAR speed park is the perfect place for family fun in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. At the NASCAR speed park in Pigeon Forge TN there’s nine tracks to choose from so everyone can find something that will suit them.

The tracks at the NASCAR speed park include: Smoky Mountain speedway, The Competitor, The Intimidator, Slide Ways, Family 500, Young Champions, The Qualifier, Baby Bristol, and the Rookie. Each track is designed a different way so anyone can enjoy them.

The Smoky Mountain Speedway features Nextel Cup style cars. Drivers on this track must be 64’’ tall and at least 16 years of age and you must present your valid drivers’ license. This track is so close to the real thing, all you need now is a pit crew. The Competitor is a short track that features a high banking and racing side by side in a NASCAR replica car. However, you must be 62’’ tall. The Intimidator speed track is tough. It is truly named after the Intimidator, Dale Earnhardt. Drivers for this track must be at least 58’’ tall. If you haven’t raced on this track then you haven’t really experience the NASCAR speed park.

The Slide Ways race track is a 750-foot slick track that has tough, tight turns with a polish surface that provides you with an exciting race every time you race it. Drives for this track must be at least 48’’ tall. The Family 500 race track is shaped like an hourglass and is the perfect course for rookies or pros, this track also has double or single seater cars. This track is family fun, just like NASCAR would do it. The Young Champions race track is a 1,100 foot track that everyone loves. Drives for this track but at least 48’’ tall.

The Qualifier race track let rookies get a real taste for racing on this beginner track. Drivers must be at least 44”tall. The Baby Bristol race track is something the kids will love. The kids will surely like to have the chance to drive their very own NASCAR around a 200-foot starter race track. However, the children must be at least 40” tall to drive. The Rookie race track is a quarter mile oval shaped track that is the featured track of NASCAR speed park. Drivers on The Rookie race track must be 64” tall or must present a valid driver’s license.

The NASCAR speed park in Pigeon Forge TN also has other activities the whole family will enjoy. These activities include: speed bumper boats, dragon’s liar fantasy golf, speed dome arcade, kiddie speed way, “The Rock” rock climbing wall, the pro-tow, an indoor playground, rockingham railroad, NASCAR silicon motor speedway, and the thrill zone.

When visiting the NASCAR speed park in Pigeon Forge TN be sure to bring the entire family. They will enjoy the thrill of the track at this family orientated speed park.