Ruby Falls

Like Rock City, Ruby Falls is within driving distance of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg TN. Our Gatlinburg cabins are not ideally located to Ruby Falls, however, we believe that Ruby Falls is close enough to drive and spend the day. Ruby Falls is perfect for any Gatlinburg vacationer to enjoy!

Ruby falls is located at Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga Tennessee. The Lookout cave has a natural entrance to the banks of the Tennessee River at the foot of Lookout Mountain. Ruby Falls has been a leading attraction for centuries. The cave itself was used by the American Indians as a campsite, hideout for outlaws, and as a Civil War hospital. In 1905 the Southern Railway built a railroad tunnel throughout Lookout Mountain. You can find Andrew Jackson’s signature in the cave.

In 1923 Leo Lambert formed a group that would help to open Lookout Mountain to the public. Leo’s corporation purchased the land and began to set things up for the public. In 1928, they set aside a place for the elevator and began to drill into Lookout Mountain. An opening was found at 260 foot level that was two feet high and four feet wide. After searching the cave Mr. Lambert found a spectacular scenery of rock formations and a beautiful waterfall. Mr. Lambert took his wife to see the waterfall and named it in honor of her, hence the name “Ruby Falls”. From 1930 till 1935 visitors could tour both caves, but Ruby fall was the most popular and in 1935 the original cave was closed. Visitors have been coming from all over to visit this spectacular cave since 1929.