Boyd's Bear Country

Boyd’s Bear Country in Pigeon Forge TN is the perfect place to take the kids for some family fun. The store is an adventure in itself, mimicking a big red barn it tends to attract a lot of attention. It is three stories, with each story holding a different type of fun. While visiting the Boyd’s Bear Country in Pigeon Forge TN, be sure to stop by Boyd’s Super Duper Bear Factory and one of our Pigeon Forge cabins.

This Super Duper Bear Factory is located on the third floor in Boyd’s Bear County. At the Super Duper Bear Factory you can actually have a chance to roll your sleeves up and work like a Bear Country employee. You get the chance to make your very own bear. First you get to choose which bear you would like. After choosing your bear, you can pick out the beads to fill your bear with. Every color has a different meaning:

Red - Luvin’
Yellow - Laughter
Green - Imaginations
Purple - Friendship
Brown - Bravery

Or if you really want to be creative you can mix all the colors together. After fill your bear with bead, you can now name him. After you bear has a name all he needs is some clothes. You can buy all types of outfits for your bear while at Boyd’s Bear Country.

You can also visit the Nursery at Boyd’s Bear Country. At the Nursery you can spend time with your new bear. You can have the chance to read them nursery rhymes and rock them. You can bond with your new friend or friends. Boyd’s Bear is open Monday - Saturday 9am - 9pm and Sunday 9am-7pm. They are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas. For any questions please call us at 1.800.684.7865.