Gatlinburg TN and Wildlife

While visiting Gatlinburg TN, you need to be aware of the many different kinds of wildlife inhabiting the Smoky Mountains. Everyone has talked about, dreamed about, and possibly even seen some black bears. When searching for information regarding black bears, information runs plenty. However, there are other animals that you need to be aware when visiting the mountains and Gatlinburg TN.


Bobcats are very nocturnal and are rarely seen in Cades Cove or other parts of the Smoky Mountains. You need to be aware of their presence. They tend to prey on fawns and other small animals.


Red and gray foxes can be found in Gatlinburg TN, however, just like the black bears they prefer to be in Cades Cove. The main reason for this is because of having the forest and open fields right at hand. The trees in the cove also provide foxes with protection from coyotes or other predators. Red foxes are more beautiful and also more aggressive than the gray-fox. Gray-fox are more common than red fox are in Cades Cove, but gray-fox are not as easy to spot because their fur blends in with the background.


Coyotes came across the Mississippi in the 1980's and moved to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and Cades Cove around 1985. They pounce on their prey and hold it with their front paws before make they kill it with their teeth.
Coyotes are dog-like in appearance but with noticeably smaller feet, thinner legs and a bushier tail. Their facial features are distinctive, having pointy ears, round inquisitive eyes and an overall appearance that looks kind of like a German Shepherd.

Red Wolves

Cades Cove’s red wolves are beautiful to look at but you better look quickly. They always run away when humans are around. Never chase after them or entice them to defend!

When renting Gatlinburg cabins, hiking in the mountains, participating in anything adventurous or away from the main strip in Gatlinburg TN always be aware of your surroundings. Your surroundings can change in a second. If you ever see any of these animals, never approach the animals or try and feed the animals. If you must take pictures, do so with extreme caution.